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16.01.2017 - HALFEN sets new standards with the HTA-CE Plus!

The classic anchor channel is now ready for a leap in its evolution: Thanks to outstanding engineering improvements and multiple optimized details  a new, more efficient HALFEN channel is now available.

The innovative hot-rolled HALFEN HTA-CE plus channels provide you the following benefits:
  • Due to the new, higher load range more applications can be covered with the new HTA-CE 40/22P and HTA-CE 50/30P channels. This reduces the risk of channel and bolt confusion on your construction site and in your precast plant.
  • When selecting the new HTA-CE 40/22P for higher loads, the HS 40/22 bolt is used. In comparison to previous solutions using the HTA-CE 50/30 you also reduce costs and the number of different bolts that are required on construction site.
  • With the new plus channels you can now select smaller profiles for the same loads requirements. The HALFEN channel with a height of only 23 mm (HTA-CE 40/22P) and 30mm (HTA-CE 50/30P) is almost always installed completely in the required concrete cover. This allows more efficiency to your reinforcement planning.
  • For more ambitious constructions the curved HTA-CE-CS, HALFEN channel pairs, corner elements and customized elements are available as options. HALFEN bolts and the complete portfolio are available in the current B17.1-E technical catalogue.
The new HTA-CE 40/22P and HTA-CE 50/30P channel profiles are approved with ETA-16/0453 for use in Europe and are CE marked. They can be easily and efficiently calculated using the HALFEN HTA software. After selecting a HALFEN channel and a suitable bolt the calculation results can be easily copied in a list and saved in a file. Click here to download the current HTA software.

You also find our HALFEN channels as (Tekla-) building element components in BIM libraries and as CAD drawings in the HALFEN PARTcommunity.

09.01.2017 - Larger required spacing between expansion joints in cantilevered balconies, access balconies and parapets

In November 2016, the General Building Authority (DIBt, Deutscher Institut für Bautechnik) approval no. Z-15.7-293 for the HIT Insulated connection element was amended to include the updated expansion joint spacing. The substantial increase in the maximum allowable spacing of the expansion joints significantly extends the range of applications for the HIT Insulated connection elements. This includes the following advantages when planning:

  • the lengths of individual balconies, access balconies, and parapet elements can be designed up to twice as long as previously possible
  • increased flexibility and planning for external and internal corner balconies
  • façade expansion joints up to 23 meters are now possible in parapets
  • reduction in time and effort required for formwork, reinforcing and concreting
  • flexible planning of concrete sections
  • more effective use of transport lengths with prefabricated balconies
In addition, the HIT-HP with 80mm insulation thickness and the HIT-SP with 120mm insulation thickness fulfil the highest fire protection requirement according to REI 120 as standard, and can be used as fire barriers without requiring further measures.

You can find our products as (Tekla) building components in BIM libraries and on the HALFEN PARTcommunity as CAD drawings. To ensure economic planning HALFEN provides the HIT design software and a HALFEN ψ-calculator. Contact HALFEN at: ti.stahlbeton@halfen.de, phone: + 49 2173 / 970-9030.

18.07.2016 - HALFEN HIT as symmetrical connection for easy installation

HALFEN has developed a new symmetrical HIT balcony connection - the installation direction is not important anymore. Due to the new geometry of the double-symmetrical CSB the insulated balcony connections for cantilevered balcony slabs (HIT-HP/SP MVX) are symmetrical and they can be installed irrespective of the slab or balcony orientation. This feature ensures more safety on the building site.

The new product line offers clear advantages:
  • Planning reliability with the same familiar level of fire protection: HIT-HP and HIT-SP elements have the maximum fire protection class REI 120 as standard. Therefore they can be planned and installed without mix-ups.
  • Improvement in thermal values: due to the optimized geometry of the red CSB a significant reduction in the number of bearings is possible. This improves the thermal values by up to 30%.
You can find additional information in the new HIT application brochure. This brochure illustrates numerous, varied areas of application with the corresponding requirements and solutions.

The new version of the HIT 9.00 program provides the designer with a powerful calculation tool. The software is available for download here.

Our technical support team is at your disposal any time using the known contact information.

09.05.2016 - BIM supported by HALFEN

In addition to the element drawings in the HALFEN PARTcommunity portal, which can be downloaded in BIM format IFC, HALFEN offers a direct support for the BIM-enabled CAD program Tekla Structures.

Using Tekla Warehouse, a special developed platform for Tekla users in the internet, a number of product libraries can be downloaded and implemented as a macro into the Tekla Structures user interface.

The following component libraries are available for a comfortable, menu-based configuration:
  • DEHA Spherical head lifting anchors
  • DEMU Coupler
  • DEMU Fixing anchors
  • FRIMEDA Lifting anchors
  • Brickwork support systems HK4
  • DETAN Tension rod system
  • Insulated connections HIT
  • HD Lifting anchor system
  • Sandwich panel anchors (SPA, FA and MVA)
Furthermore HALFEN offers its element drawings in the BIM portal BIMcatalogs.net directly for download.

Drawings for the following product lines are available:
  • Framing systems and PowerClick
  • HALFEN Cast-in channels and accessories
  • Lifting anchor systems
  • Reinforcement systems and
  • Concrete façade.
The required components can be comfortably configured and than downloaded in selected 2D and 3D formats (preferably in IFC, the BIM exchange format).

The HALFEN element drawings offered in the BIMcatalogs portal are continuously updated, so that BIM-compatible drawings are available in the future for the complete HALFEN product range´.

04.05.2016 - Energy management system at HALFEN is now certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001

With the European Energy Services Act coming into effect at the beginning of 2015 HALFEN has been working to develop and to implement an energy management system, which after successful implementation leads to certification according to DIN EN ISO 50001

After approximately 10 months implementation period HALFEN was certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001 on the 15th April 2016 for all its 18 locations inside Europe, the United States of America and in China by the SWEDAC Certification Institute International GmbH.

02.05.2016 - New CAD libraries in HALFEN PARTcommunity

The HALFEN building component libraries placed in the HALFEN PARTcommunity portal have been enlarged significantly. For the following product segments, drawings are available now:
  • Framing systems and accessories
  • PowerClick
  • HALFEN Cast-in channels (HTA-CE, toothed and with wholes)
  • Spherical head lifting anchors and clutches
  • Shear and punching shear reinforcement HDB
  • Insulated connections HIT
  • Sandwich panel anchors (SPA, FA and MVA)
  • Betojuster
The drawings required can now be intuitively configured; a scrolling through long tables is no longer necessary!

The users can select an output format between more than 40 different 3D and more than 20 different 2D CAD formats. They include both native formats such as AutoCAD, AutoDesk Revit, Nemetschek Allplan and Sketchup as well as interchange formats such as STEP, IGES and PDF. Obviously, the IFC format needed for BIM applications is supported directly.

The required element drawings can optionally be downloaded to a computer, sent as e-mail or directly be opened to a running CAD system.

The HALFEN PARTcommunity libraries will continuously be updated, so that CAD drawings are available for the complete HALFEN product range in the future.

07.03.2016 - New DETAN user brochure with numerous solutions

This sophisticated, aesthetic; uncomplicated product solution fulfils the requirements for modern building techniques and is suitable for filigree support systems as well as for use in lightweight construction projects.

The new DETAN generation includes the following features:
  • Up-to-date corrosion protection
  • Aesthetic quality
  • Europe-wide planning reliability according to the ETA (European technical assessment)
  • User-friendly calculation software
The new DETAN brochure illustrates numerous, different areas of application with the corresponding requirements and solutions.

DETAN tension rod systems are the perfect solution for filigree and efficient constructions in long term installation.

05.01.2016 - New ETAs for DEMU Fixing anchor T-FIXX®  and Bolt anchor 1988/1985 with classification for fire resistance

The new approval with fire resistance classification for our DEMU Fixing anchors T-FIXX and Bolt anchors is available starting January 5th, 2016.

The following documents/tools can be downloaded.

  • T-FIXX®: New ETA-13/0222 (European Technical Assessment - ETA) based on the Construction Products Regulation, now with fire resistance classification.
  • DEMU Bolt anchor 1988 and 1985: New ETA-13/0401 (European Technical Assessment - ETA) based on the Construction Products Regulation, now with fire resistance classification.
Design Software
  • In order to facilitate the planning the new design software DEMU 4.1 is available on our homepage
  • New: fire resistance classification, calculation of 2 axis bending, (double bending), extended help function
  • Additional functions, enhancement and bug fixing in comparison to the previous version
  • The new Technical Product Information DEMU-FIX 16 /  16-E is now available as pdf download in German and English on our home page
  • New: Reference to new ETAs / Fire resistance, information of admissible shear loads, new software update, positioning plate for easy installation of anchor groups

01.06.2015 - The HIT balcony connection range is now complete!

The new HIT HP/SP-DD AT for connection of parapets to slabs, the HIT HP/SP-DV FT to form a thermal barrier between a main slab and a corbeled parapet, the HIT HP/SP-MV OT for connections between a main slab and a corbel and the HIT HP/SP-ZZ HT for extension elements are available as from now. With these types the thermal insulation product range HIT “new generation” is complete.

The elements are available with an insulation thickness of 80 mm and 120 mm. The insulation material is high-quality, non-flammable, class 1 mineral wool. This means of course that all elements meet the requirements of  fire resistance class REI 120.

Two different load bearing capacities are available for each DD-AT, DV-FT and MV-OT type element; this allows cost-effective planning.

Additional stirrups are available and supplied on request for types DD-AT and DV-FT.

You can find further information in the Product Information HIT-PAT 15. An English language  catalogue will follow shortly.

24.02.2015 - New BIM-compatible component libraries

HALFEN now provides CAD-users with 3 new component libraries.

The HALFEN PARTcommunity now has additional CAD files for HDB-Punching shear reinforcement and for the spherical head transport anchor available for download. After free registration the files are available in up to 59 different 3D- or 31 different 2D-file formats. The files can be exported and saved, or can be directly pasted into a suitable CAD-Program. The IFC-format used in BIM-applications is of course also available.

As a special service for our Tekla users, HALFEN Balcony connections, type HIT-MV are included in Tekla. After installing the component library, the user can then use the easy-to-use, intuitive menu to navigate, select and insert the required HIT Element into his plan. See also our building component library at our new Tekla Warehouse.

16.02.2015 - NEW: HALFEN HBJ-S  – The Betojuster for column elements

As of now the HALFEN HBJ Betojuster is available for slab-like precast elements and columns with precast foundations.

The use of the Betojuster HBJ requires no special tools and makes the mounting of precast elements simpler and more efficient. Thanks to the easy adjustability during the mounting, safety at work is improved and the risk of damages to the precast elements is minimized at the same time.

Please find detailed information about Betojuster HBJ-W and HBJ-S in our Technical Product Information HBJ 14-E.

25.08.2014 - New type approval for the HALFEN HCC Column Shoe

The new type approval for the HALFEN column shoe is now available for download.

The bearing capacities are in the current type testing in accordance with current European standards (Eurocode) for steel structures and reinforced concrete structures. In addition, the alternative version with reinforcing steel of highest ductility class B500C for buildings in earthquake-prone areas and the combination with the HALFEN HBS-05 screw connection are now covered by the type approval. The latter variant has the advantage that a lap joint with the longitudinal reinforcement of the precast column can be eliminated.

HALFEN column shoes are connecting parts that form rigid connections of precast columns to foundations and column stacks. The HALFEN column shoes can be used together with the HALFEN anchor bolts HAB HAB H or MH. The advantage of the prefabricated system with screws is the quick assembly. The connection is easy to adjust and immediately a force fit, so no bracings are required during installation.

24.02.2014 - New HTA-CE Software for the design of Halfen cast-in channels according to European Technical Approval (ETA)

The new version HTA 2.20 is now available for download. Changes to the previous versions include some minor improvements as well as the increased channel lip capacity which is up by 75% for some channel profiles.

02.01.2014 - European Technical approval (ETA) for HALFEN HIT-HP/SP elements

As the first supplier of balcony connections we got the European Technical approval (ETA) for HALFEN HIT-HP/SP elements. The ETA-13/0546 includes all HALFEN Insulated Connection which have been introduced into the market yet. These are the types MV including special types for the Multipart Solution, ECK for cantilevered corner balcony slabs, OU and OD for slabs with height off set or wall connections as well as ZV for simply supported balcony slabs on columns or walls. With these types all important applications are covered.

The design model of HIT-HP/SP is thus consistently regulated in Europe and offers more flexibility and planning reliability.

Besides the design model and further structural conditions, the values of the thermal bridge values (Ψ, θmin and fRsi) and impact sound pressure level difference (ΔLn,W) of the HALFEN Insulated Connections HIT-HP/SP MV
and HIT-HP/SP ZV are approved Europe-wide. Thus, HALFEN provides
the user with technically approved y-value catalogues on a
transparent, detailed and officially technically approved basis.
The use of y-values is thus officially certified again.

In catalogue HIT 14-E (available up from mid of January) all significant technical information are summarized. Up from the 02.01.2014 all Halfen-Iso-Elements HIT-HP/SP are delivered with CE-mark.

If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

22.11.2013 - European Technical Approval for HALFEN HIT-HP/SP Elements

We are the first provider of balcony connections to have succeeded in gaining a European-Technical approval for HALFEN HIT-HP/SP Elements. This means more safeguards, safety, quality and service, as well as further advantages on which you can depend!

With the European-Technical approval HALFEN HIT-HP/SP Elements are calculated according to a uniform calculation method, national approvals are no longer required. The CE-mark is accepted worldwide and ensures reliability in planning.

Internationally approved psi-values regulate the requirements for thermal heat transfer and therefore facilitate planning. Moreover, approval is now possible for realising slabs up to 35 cm.

The HIT-HP/SP with European technical approval will be available from January.

02.10.2013 - NEW: HIT-HP/SP ZV

We are pleased to announce that HALFEN received the supplementation of the approval Z-15.7-293 relating the Halfen Insulated connection HIT-HP/SP ZV.

The HIT-HP/SP ZV is a slab connection for articulated, supported balconies. It replaces the types HIT-BQ and HIT-BQZ and it is a combination of shear bars and compression shear bearings (CSB). This combination allows the optimal use of all load bearings, so the acting shear force is transferred by the shear bars and the CSB. Please note, for the verification of the maximum concrete strut capacity (1/3 VRd,max) only the load capacity of the shear bars has to be verified. The load capacity of the CSB may additional be transferred. For this reason the HALFEN Insulated connection HIT-HP/SP ZV is the only shear-force-element that is allowed to transfer forces above 1/3 VRd,max.

Analogous to the HIT-HP/SP MV the HIT-HP/SP ZV available element widths are 25 cm, 50 cm and 100 cm. As standard they meet the requirements of fire resistance class REI 120. In the catalogue HIT-ZV 13-E all essential technical information are summarized - take a look inside.


TV presenter Ranga Yogeshwar congratulates HALFEN for being awarded the "Top 100" seal of approval for being one of Germany`s top innovation powerhouses.

Innovation is a main focus for HALFEN GmbH; a major supplier of fixing technology.

The company was honoured on the 26th June 2015 with the "Top 100" seal of approval for innovation at the German SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) Summit in Essen. For more than 20 years the best, most innovative companies in Germany have been awarded the "Top 100" seal of approval.

Innovation is one of the most important routes to ensure future success. That is why innovation management is an integral part of our business model", explains Richard Wachter, Managing Director at HALFEN GmbH.

HALFEN relies on the team spirit of its employees who realize their ideas in respect to innovative products, technologies and processes, and therefore ultimately generate market success. HALFEN employees have established a worldwide innovation network involving all HALFEN facilities; not just those in Germany. A central contact team made up of members from all business areas coordinate the process from the original ideas to final realization. Project management tools, phase-gates, as well as regular communication are key drivers for success. Early involvement of customers and business partners is of course a must.

For Managing Director, Richard Wachter, the “Top 100“ award is something special, as innovation is managerial responsibility. Every HALFEN employee is an innovation manager; and are also part of this success. Therefore I would like to thank all our employees for their part in achieving the ' Top 100' award. This is another important step towards our common goal, expanding HALFEN`s status for “YOUR BEST CONNECTIONS”.

For its team-orientated commitment towards innovation HALFEN was awarded the "Top 100" seal of approval; the most important award for German SME (small and medium-sized enterprises). The seal of approval is awarded to SME companies that are especially innovative. The Vienna University of Economics examined the innovation performance of 302 medium-sized companies in Germany over several months to determine which companies best fulfil the criteria. The selected 100, including HALFEN, are permitted to use the seal of approval for the following year. Go to www.top100.de for further information about the other 99 award winners and more about the "Top 100" project.