HALFEN Receives ICC Approval
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HALFEN USA Inc. is proud to announce the release of our new HSD Shear Dowel Software

The HSD Shear Dowel Design Software is intuitive to use and offers straightforward ways to dimension structural joints using HSD Shear Dowels. The software allows calculations of slab-to-slab as well as slab-to-wall connections, providing the minimum supplementary reinforcement requirements as well. Users have the option to either manually select the dowel and spacing for a specific joint length or the software can select the most efficient dowel and spacing based on the specified loads and other parameters.

A 3-D user interface as well as a 2-D graphical representation of the system is utilized to provide visual confirmation as well as confidence to the designer. The program provides a comprehensive calculation summary that can be placed in any submittal calculation package. A detailed parts list is also offered to streamline the ordering process/

The new HSD software is now available for download on the HALFEN USA website. The technical catalog can be accessed here.
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HALFEN USA’s HIT II receives the Architectural Record Product of the Year Award

HALFEN USA is proud to announce that the HIT-MVX insulated connection has been selected as one of Architectural Record’s products of the year. A jury of six design professionals selected the best new products of the year out of hundreds of entries submitted to Architectural Record’s annual competition. Entries were rated based on innovation, usefulness and aesthetics. HALFEN’s HIT II system excels in all three of these categories with its sleek design, innovative compression shear bearing pads, while providing one of the most efficient structural thermal breaks in concrete balconies. The HIT II insulated connection provides the following benefits:

  • Eliminates adverse effects of thermal bridging (mold, energy loss, cold floors)
  • ICC approved – Ensures Quality
  • Increases the overall lifetime of balconies
  • Reduces overall energy costs
  • Standard 2 HR fire rating
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Engineering Support

The technical support as an essential service part of HALFEN, provided by our Engineering department is also available online.

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HALFEN Brochures

All brochures are available for download.

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HALFEN Specification form

All Specification and material data safety forms are available for download.

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Download free HALFEN CAD software now for more security when planning. It helps you with precise dimensions and with selecting the right product combinations.

Software overview

HALFEN for iOS & Android

The " HALFEN Catalogues" app gives you access to detailed product information. After a one-off download you can view the data offline, i.e., without having to be connected to the Internet.

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