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November 6, 2017 - HALFEN is now partnered with AEC daily

HALFEN is now partnered with AEC daily to promote our continiuing education program “Thermal Bridging Solutions for Balconies and Masonry Support”. The course is free and provides credits for AIA (1.0 LU) and GBCI (1 CE Hour).

June 1, 2017 - HALFEN Receives Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for HIT and HTA/HZA Channels

An EPD provides transparent and comparable ecological data to help evaluate the sustainability of a building based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). EPDs are an important part in the new LEEDv4 Materials and Resources category.

EPDs are developed based on international standards ISO 14025. An EPD provides the product “ingredients and environmental impacts throughout the entire life of the product.

The reception of these EPDs compliments HALFEN’s commitment to providing green products and promoting sustainable building solutions. -> to business unit sustainabilty

February 28, 2017 - HIT Insulated Connection Receives First ICC Approval for a Structural Thermal Break in North America

HALFEN’s HIT Insulated Connection has recently received the first ICC-ES Evaluation Report (ESR), ESR#3799, for a structural thermal break system from ICC Evaluation Services (ICC-ES). ICC-ES is the industry leader in performing technical evaluations for code compliance. An ESR provides proof that products and systems meet required codes and technical standards. They are the most trusted and recognized approval by building officials, architects, contractors, specifiers, designers and engineers. Code compliance is ensured through the detailed approval process consisting of the thorough examination of test reports, calculations, quality control methods and production processes.

HIT is an ideal solution to eliminate thermal bridging and increase the overall energy and comfort of a building. HIT allows insulation to run continuously through the balcony increasing the effective R-value of the overall wall system by almost two times compared to an un-thermally broken balcony.

Your benefits with HIT are:
  • First ICC approved structural thermal break in North America
  • Eliminates condensation and mold
  • Improves energy efficiency – long term cost savings
  • Reduces cracking due to thermal expansion/contraction
  • Versatile product range to fit all balcony configurations

June 1, 2017 - HALFEN Modular Solution for Bus Seat Connections

HALFEN’s HZM toothed mounting channels are the perfect solution for highly modular, adjustable connections. HZM mounting channels are hot rolled profiles ideal for vibration loads typically associated with commercial vehicle applications. Three profiles are available to meet a full range of applications:
  • HZM 38/23 – 2,880 lb point load´
  • HZM 29/20 – 1,700 lb point load
  • HZM 41/22 – 1,260 lb point load
For additional information, a specification sheet is available for download on the website. Also, our MT-FBC catalog provides a complete technical overview of the full channel product range and associated channel bolts.

June 1, 2017 - HALFEN HUC – Bowery, NY: Citizen M Hotel

The Citizen M Hotel is an innovative 20 story-modular precast design/build project in Bowery, New York. This high-rise hotel was constructed in Poland and shipped to New York in pieces. HALFEN’s HUC Universal Connector was utilized on this project to ensure efficient and accurate connection of the pre-cast pieces to the structural concrete frame. This new innovative construction in combination with HALFEN’s innovative connection allows for faster construction and shorter time till the Grand Opening. A great write up on the project can be viewed here.

February 28, 2017 - HALFEN USA is proud to release the new HIT Insulated Connection Software

HALFEN HIT v9.11 comprehensive design software is now available for download on the HALFEN USA website. The new software was developed to compliment the newly acquired ICC approval ESR 3799. Users can efficiently design balconies with insulated structural connections utilizing the intuitive graphical user interface and logical input structure. The software covers a wide range of balcony conditions: cantilever, simply supported, recessed, outside corners, inside corners as well as offset balconies. Analysis results can be printed out and easily added to a calculation package. With the new HALFEN HIT software, designing energy efficient balcony connections has never been so easy.

Benefits at a Glance:
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • All calculations in accordance with ICC
  • FEA based calculation 
  • Comprehensive calculation summary available
  • .dxf-file output available to incorporate in structural drawings
  • Versatile product range to fit all balcony configurations

February 28, 2017 - UT Austin Pedestrian Bridge supported by DETAN – Moody Pedestrian Bridge

The Moody Pedestrian Bridge is a one of a kind inverted Fink Truss Bridge that literally and figuratively unites the Moody College Communication Complex at the University of Texas at Austin. HALFEN’s DETAN tension rod system was not only chosen for its high load carrying capacity, but also for its architecturally pleasing seamless design. HALFEN engineers and field reps worked closely with the general contractor and steel erectors during construction to ensure the projects tight tolerances were met.

DETAN rods were provide in lengths up to 60ft and 3 inches in diameter. They were utilized as the main structural suspension as well as lateral cross basing between the columns. Construction was completed in late March of 2016 and is already considered a landmark on campus. A time lapsed video of the overall construction can be viewed on YouTube here.

01.12.2016 - HALFEN USA Inc. is proud to announce the release of our new HSD Shear Dowel Software

The HSD Shear Dowel Design Software is intuitive to use and offers straightforward ways to dimension structural joints using HSD Shear Dowels. The software allows calculations of slab-to-slab as well as slab-to-wall connections, providing the minimum supplementary reinforcement requirements as well. Users have the option to either manually select the dowel and spacing for a specific joint length or the software can select the most efficient dowel and spacing based on the specified loads and other parameters.

A 3-D user interface as well as a 2-D graphical representation of the system is utilized to provide visual confirmation as well as confidence to the designer. The program provides a comprehensive calculation summary that can be placed in any submittal calculation package. A detailed parts list is also offered to streamline the ordering process/

The new HSD software is now available for download on the HALFEN USA website. The technical catalog can be accessed here.

01.12.2016 - HALFEN USA’s HIT II receives the Architectural Record Product of the Year Award

HALFEN USA is proud to announce that the HIT-MVX insulated connection has been selected as one of Architectural Record’s products of the year. A jury of six design professionals selected the best new products of the year out of hundreds of entries submitted to Architectural Record’s annual competition. Entries were rated based on innovation, usefulness and aesthetics. HALFEN’s HIT II system excels in all three of these categories with its sleek design, innovative compression shear bearing pads, while providing one of the most efficient structural thermal breaks in concrete balconies. The HIT II insulated connection provides the following benefits:

  • Eliminates adverse effects of thermal bridging (mold, energy loss, cold floors)
  • ICC approved – Ensures Quality
  • Increases the overall lifetime of balconies
  • Reduces overall energy costs
  • Standard 2 HR fire rating

August 25, 2016 - HALFEN Receives ICC Approval for HTA Anchor Channels

HALFEN HTA Anchor Channels and matching HS T-bolts have recently received an evaluation report (ESR#1008) from the ICC Evaluation Services (ICC-ES). ICC-ES is the industry leader in performing technical evaluations for code compliance.
ICC-ES Evaluation Reports (ESRs) provide evidence that products and systems meet requirements of codes and technical standards. ICC ESRs are the most trusted and recognized approvals by building officials, architects, contractors, specifiers, designers and engineers. Code compliance is insured through the detailed approval process consisting of thorough examination of test reports, calculations, quality control methods and production processes.

To complement HALFEN’s new ESR report, HALFEN has developed a comprehensive design software that allows engineers to easily prepare calculations for anchor channels.

Benefits of Software:
  • The software quickly processes all verification and presents a list of suitable HTA Anchor Channels to meet the defined parameters
  • Visual control provided through a well-organized tree structure identifying detailed results for each verification
  • Accommodates cracked/non-cracked concrete
  • Offers a combination of edge conditions and full variability of bolt loads across the length of anchor channels
  • Provides a comprehensive print out summarizing all the required verifications and inputs
  • User-friendly with interactive 3D display

The full ICC product range and technical details can be viewed in the new HTA 16.1-US Technical Catalog.

August 25, 2016 - HALFEN USA Inc. is proud to announce that we have a new Halfen HTA Anchor Channels Software now available

Halfen HTA v2.4 comprehensive design software is now available on Halfen USA Inc. website for download.
Halfen HTA v2.4 software allows for visual control. All verifications for the current channel profile are listed in a tree structure. Green check-marks indicate successful verifications. For further visual control, a progress bar on the right indicates the status of the verification process. Detailed calculation information (e.g., load positions, section sizes and utilization ratios) can also be selected within the tree structure. After selecting a Halfen Anchor Channel and suitable T-bolts, the dimension results can be imported into the data list and saved.

Calculation reports are available in a brief summary form or a detailed version that can be placed into a calculation package. The detailed version provides all required verifications and individual capacities as well as a 2D graphical representation including applied loads.

04.08.2016 - Modular design with HALFEN mounting channel – Bombardier BiLevel

125 of Bombardier’s recently re-designed BiLevel commuter cars, which incorporate HALFEN HZM toothed channel as an adjustable mechanical connection in the chassis structure, have just been ordered by Metrolinx Ontario. The $428 million contract will go into production late 2018 at the Thunder Bay, ON plant.

Over 1300 Bombardier BiLevel coaches are in operation across North America, making it the most popular double-decker railcar on the continent. HALFEN HZM toothed mounting channel was chosen by Bombardier engineers to help make the base chassis of the new generation BiLevel more easily adaptable for different operators across the USA and Canada. HALFEN adjustable mechanical connections are used by designers of complex machinery to develop a more common platform, which can be readily customized to meet the needs of individual clients. Shorter delivery lead time and lower cost production using a modular approach to design.

18.07.2016 - HALFEN HIT as symmetrical connection for easy installation

HALFEN has developed a new symmetrical HIT balcony connection - the installation direction is not important anymore. Due to the new geometry of the double-symmetrical CSB the insulated balcony connections for cantilevered balcony slabs (HIT-HP/SP MVX) are symmetrical and they can be installed irrespective of the slab or balcony orientation. This feature ensures more safety on the building site.

The new product line offers clear advantages:
  • Planning reliability with the same familiar level of fire protection: HIT-HP and HIT-SP elements have the maximum fire protection class REI 120 as standard. Therefore they can be planned and installed without mix-ups.
  • Improvement in thermal values: due to the optimized geometry of the red CSB a significant reduction in the number of bearings is possible. This improves the thermal values by up to 30%.
You can find additional information in the new HIT application brochure. This brochure illustrates numerous, varied areas of application with the corresponding requirements and solutions.

The new version of the HIT 9.00 program provides the designer with a powerful calculation tool. The software is available for download here.

Our technical support team is at your disposal any time using the following contact information. For further enquiries and support please contact us at (+49) (0)2173/970 – 9031 or ti.stahlbeton@halfen.de.

09.05.2016 - BIM supported by HALFEN

In addition to the element drawings in the HALFEN PARTcommunity portal, which can be downloaded in BIM format IFC, HALFEN offers a direct support for the BIM-enabled CAD program Tekla Structures.

Using Tekla Warehouse, a special developed platform for Tekla users in the internet, a number of product libraries can be downloaded and implemented as a macro into the Tekla Structures user interface.

The following component libraries are available for a comfortable, menu-based configuration:
  • DEHA Spherical head lifting anchors
  • DEMU Coupler
  • DEMU Fixing anchors
  • FRIMEDA Lifting anchors
  • Brickwork support systems HK4
  • DETAN Tension rod system
  • Insulated connections HIT
  • HD Lifting anchor system
  • Sandwich panel anchors (SPA, FA and MVA)
Furthermore HALFEN offers its element drawings in the BIM portal BIMcatalogs.net directly for download.

Drawings for the following product lines are available:
  • Framing systems and PowerClick
  • HALFEN Cast-in channels and accessories
  • Lifting anchor systems
  • Reinforcement systems and
  • Concrete façade.
The required components can be comfortably configured and than downloaded in selected 2D and 3D formats (preferably in IFC, the BIM exchange format).

The HALFEN element drawings offered in the BIMcatalogs portal are continuously updated, so that BIM-compatible drawings are available in the future for the complete HALFEN product range´.

04.05.2016 - Energy management system at HALFEN is now certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001

With the European Energy Services Act coming into effect at the beginning of 2015 HALFEN has been working to develop and to implement an energy management system, which after successful implementation leads to certification according to DIN EN ISO 50001

After approximately 10 months implementation period HALFEN was certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001 on the 15th April 2016 for all its 18 locations inside Europe, the United States of America and in China by the SWEDAC Certification Institute International GmbH.

02.05.2016 - New CAD libraries in HALFEN PARTcommunity

The HALFEN building component libraries placed in the HALFEN PARTcommunity portal have been enlarged significantly. For the following product segments, drawings are available now:
  • Framing systems and accessories
  • PowerClick
  • HALFEN Cast-in channels (HTA-CE, toothed and with slots)
  • Spherical head lifting anchors and clutches
  • Shear and punching shear reinforcement HDB
  • Insulated connections HIT
  • Sandwich panel anchors (SPA, FA and MVA)
  • Betojuster
The drawings required can now be intuitively configured; a scrolling through long tables is no longer necessary!

The users can select an output format between more than 40 different 3D and more than 20 different 2D CAD formats. They include both native formats such as AutoCAD, AutoDesk Revit, Nemetschek Allplan and Sketchup as well as interchange formats such as STEP, IGES and PDF. Obviously, the IFC format needed for BIM applications is supported directly.

The required element drawings can optionally be downloaded to a computer, sent as e-mail or directly be opened to a running CAD system.

The HALFEN PARTcommunity libraries will continuously be updated, so that CAD drawings are available for the complete HALFEN product range in the future.

07.03.2016 - New DETAN user brochure with numerous solutions

This sophisticated, aesthetic; uncomplicated product solution fulfils the requirements for modern building techniques and is suitable for filigree support systems as well as for use in lightweight construction projects.

The new DETAN generation includes the following features:
  • Up-to-date corrosion protection
  • Aesthetic quality
  • Europe-wide planning reliability according to the ETA (European technical assessment)
  • User-friendly calculation software
The new DETAN brochure illustrates numerous, different areas of application with the corresponding requirements and solutions.

DETAN tension rod systems are the perfect solution for filigree and efficient constructions in long term installation.

05.01.2016 - New ETAs for DEMU Fixing anchor T-FIXX®  and Bolt anchor 1988/1985 with classification for fire resistance

The new approval with fire resistance classification for our DEMU Fixing anchors T-FIXX and Bolt anchors is available starting January 5th, 2016.

The following documents/tools can be downloaded.

  • T-FIXX®: New ETA-13/0222 (European Technical Assessment - ETA) based on the Construction Products Regulation, now with fire resistance classification.
  • DEMU Bolt anchor 1988 and 1985: New ETA-13/0401 (European Technical Assessment - ETA) based on the Construction Products Regulation, now with fire resistance classification.
Design Software
  • In order to facilitate the planning the new design software DEMU 4.1 is available on our homepage
  • New: fire resistance classification, calculation of 2 axis bending, (double bending), extended help function
  • Additional functions, enhancement and bug fixing in comparison to the previous version
  • The new Technical Product Information DEMU-FIX 16 /  16-E is now available as pdf download in German and English on our home page
  • New: Reference to new ETAs / Fire resistance, information of admissible shear loads, new software update, positioning plate for easy installation of anchor groups