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08.07.2013 - The new European Building product regulations

Since the 1st of July 2013 the new European Building product regulations are mandatory (EU-Bau PV, No. 305/2011). This applies to products which are subjected to a harmonised European standard or based on a European Technical Approval, i.e. subject to European Technical Assessment according to the new building product guidelines. These products must be CE-marked. In addition the manufacturer must issue a Declaration of Performance for these products and make them available to the customer.

With a Declaration of Performance in combination with the CE-mark, the manufacturer guarantees that the regulations applicable for European products have been followed. Products for which no harmonised European standard applies or evaluation documentation does not exist are not included in these regulations and may continue to be used according to national regulations, for example; DIBt approval (DIBt = German Association for Building technology).

Following HALFEN products are subject to European regulation:
  • HALFEN Channels HTA-CE, based on European Technical Approval (ETA)
  • DETAN Tension rod system, based on European Technical Approval (ETA)
  • HALFEN Punching shear reinforcement HDB, based on European Technical Approval (ETA)
  • Support systems for brickwork, HK4 System, based on European Technical Approval Product norm, DIN EN 845

All other HALFEN products are still subject to national regulations as no basis for European regulation exists.

Please note following changes:
  • In the future the customer must be supplied with a Declaration of Performance for all CE-marked products. The Declaration of Performance will be available for download on the HALFEN website. This is confirmation for the customer that the European regulations applicable for building products have been fulfilled. The principle characteristics of the product, for example; the materials used, the application conditions, the test environment and so forth must be included in the Declaration of Performance (DoP). HALFEN as a company, ensures the customer gets a high quality product and guarantees the described characteristics for the product.
  • The previous CE-Declarations of conformity for the products mentioned above are no longer applicable.

What will not change?
  • The CE-mark will continue to be printed on the accompanying documentation and/or be applied to the product.
  • Products which are not included in European regulations can continue to be used as normal.

11.06.2013 - NEW: „HALFEN Catalogues“ App

Nous avons le plaisir de vous informer qu"une application ""Catalogues HALFEN" pour iPad® est désormais disponible sur App StoreSM.

L'application “Catalogues HALFEN” vous donne accès à des informations technique détaillées d'HALFEN comme les catalogues techniques, les agréments, les rapports de projets et notre tarif. Après avoir télécharger cette application, l'application reste disponible hors connexion Internet.

08.06.2013 - NEW: HDB-Software for RIB-users

With the latest version of the HDB 11.32 software, users of the RIB-Software RTool, included in the RIBTEC®-Design tools „Static for reinforced concrete, steel, timber and masonry“, can now also rely on proven HALFEN-software to calculate punching shear reinforcement.

The HDB-Software can be accessed directly from within the latest RIB-Program; applicable key-data is automatically entered in the HALFEN-software.

04.06.2013 - NEW: HALFEN HIT Calculator

We are pleased to inform you that the new HALFEN HIT Calculator, to calculate the thermal performance characteristic value for HALFEN Balcony connections HIT-HP MV and HIT-SP MV, is now available. Test the HALFEN HIT Calculator and calculate the values for your project.

Easy app download here: HALFEN HIT Calculator (Please use IE 9 or a higher version).

08.05.2013 - NEW: HDB Software, Version 11.30, now also for Shear Reinforcement

Since version 11.00 of the HDB program the user has been able to calculate double headed anchors as punching shear reinforcement according to European Technical Approval.

The functionality of the program has again been considerably increased with the current updated version of the program “HDB 11.30”:

  • Calculating double headed anchors as pure shear reinforcement (HDB-S) has been adapted for EC 2 and the NAD and implemented into the calculation basis „HDB-ETA (Germany)“.
  • The verification for punching shear reinforcement for single footings has been adopted into the ETA- calculation.
  • Load case 10 for rounded-off columns has been included into the ETA calculation.
  • New is that SIA 262:2013 can now be selected as calculation basis. With reference to exception clause 0.4; higher loads according to expert reports can once again be assumed.

06.09.2012 - New: Approvals for HALFEN anchor bolts HAB-H and HAB-MH according to EC 2

For the HALFEN anchor bolts HAB-H and HAB-MH the building authority approvals in according to Eurocode 2 (Nr. Z-21.5-1761, Z-21.5-1758) are available at Service / Brochures / Approvals.

On the occasion of the full implementation of DIN EN 1992-1-1 (Eurocode 2) as European Standard to the 1st of July 2012 the approvals for HALFEN anchor bolts have been adapted to this standard. No technical changes were made in this revision, which means that the anchor bolts can be used as accustomed. Within the transition period the DIN 1045-1:2008-08 as well as DIN EN 1992-1-1:2011-01 in connection with DIN EN 1992-1-1/NA:2011-01 are to be available as design basis for the user.

07.11.2011 - DETAN - One of the jewels in our crown.

The DETAN fork connector with a new hot dip galvanized zinc coating now provides enhanced durability and appearance to the DETAN rod system. The technically advanced and easily installed system is independently verified by both German building authority approval, and European Technical Approval. All advantages could be found in the attached flyer "DETAN - One of the jewels in our crown.“ .