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12.10.2020 - Nous évoluons. Nous devenons Leviat.

Leviat deviendra le nouveau nom de toutes les entreprises d'accessoires de construction de CRH dans le monde entier, y compris HALFEN, à partir du 9 novembre 2020.

Sous la marque Leviat, nous réunissons l'expertise, les compétences et les ressources d’HALFEN et de ses sociétés sœurs pour créer un leader mondial de la technologie de fixation, de connexion et d'ancrage.

C'est une évolution passionnante. Nous adoptons ce changement pour mieux répondre aux exigences d'une industrie de la construction de plus en plus mondialisée, durable et axée sur la technologie.

En réunissant notre famille d'accessoires de construction en une seule organisation mondiale, nous serons plus réactifs auprès de votre entreprise et aux exigences des projets de construction, à tout niveau et partout dans le monde.

En tant que Leviat, nous serons en mesure de vous offrir une gamme étendue de produits et de services spécialisés, une plus grande expertise technique, une chaîne d'approvisionnement plus grande et plus agile et une innovation meilleure et plus rapide.

Les marques que vous connaissez et en qui vous avez confiance resteront.

Les produits HALFEN feront partie intégrante de la gamme étendue de produits de Leviat et grâce aux ressources de cette grande entreprise, la gamme continuera à être améliorée et développée sous la direction de Leviat.

Les dispositifs de fixation, de levage et d’armatures pour éléments béton, les solutions Contructibles pour l’industrie ainsi que le système d’haubanage DETAN HALFEN continueront d’exister, soutenues par l'offre de services accrue de Leviat.

Soyez assurés que pendant que nous finalisons notre évolution vers Leviat, notre priorité sera de maintenir la qualité de service que vous attendez de nous. Les raisons pour lesquelles vous choisissez de travailler avec HALFEN ne changeront pas, elles seront simplement renforcées et améliorées par Leviat.

Nous devenons Leviat le lundi 9 novembre 2020. N’hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez des questions ou à visiter www.leviat.com si vous avez besoin de plus d’ informations.

30.06.2020 - NEW: ETA 19/0438 for HALFEN Framing channels

When used in combination with HALFEN Bolts, the framing channels create a versatile system that can be used in a wide range of applications, for example in lift shafts or utility tunnels.

High loads also require maximum safety (and reliability). HALFEN Framing channels have been extensively tested and approved by independent testing institutes. A new feature is the award of the European Technical Assessment ETA 19/0438 by the German Institute of Construction Engineering (DIBT. Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik) including CE marking. The CE marking confirms the conformity of the product with the performance described in the (DoP) Declaration of Performance. This means that all relevant European legislation has been observed.

As usual, all documents are available for download. In addition, you can use our BIM library, which includes 3D models and CAD drawings as well as our current tender texts, to make planning easier and to improve cooperation with all participants involved in a project.

09.06.2020 - NEW: HALFEN HIT Insulated Connection for beam and wall connections

Two new product groups are now available in our wide range of thermal connections: Beam and wall connections. These elements are used as a thermal break between two reinforced concrete components and complete the HIT product portfolio of concrete to concrete connections.

Benefits of the HIT-ST and HIT-WT:
  • Highest fire resistance class REI 120 as standard
  • Various dimensions with high load capacities
  • Reduction of thermal bridges and minimization of energy losses
  • Robust PVC box for reliable protection of the mineral wool against the influences of weather and mechanical damage

18.05.2020 - "Seal of Approval: Innovation through research"

Following similar success in 2014, 2016 and 2018, HALFEN has again received the biennial R&D seal of approval "Innovation through research" from the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V. (Donors' Association for the Promotion of Sciences and Humanities in Germany) in 2020.

Research and innovation are an important part of HALFEN's corporate culture alongside quality and customer service. Innovation and patent manager, Dr. Raimo Füllsack-Köditz, is therefore particularly pleased about this continuing independent acknowledgement: "The seal of approval underlines our strength to offer our customers groundbreaking technical developments and innovations through intensive research and development in order to simply build better, safer and more efficient. Through our proven commitment to applied research, HALFEN makes a significant contribution to future innovative and sustainable technologies in the construction industry."

The “Seal of approval: Innovation through research”
Since 2014, the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V. has been awarding the "Innovation through research" seal to companies that are particularly committed to research and development. HALFEN outlines its considerable research activities in the association’s regular R&D survey from which those businesses worthy of recognition are identified and selected.

About the Stifterverband
The Stifterverband is one of the largest private science sponsors in Germany. In addition to its commitment to young academics, first-class universities and top-level research, it is also responsible for investigating and evaluating the country’s research and innovation system. Key questions such as ‘how much does industry invest in research and development in Germany?’ and ‘what impact does this have on the future viability of the country?’ are the focus of the R&D survey that the Science Statistics Unit of the Stifterverband conducts annually on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. (Source: https://www.stifterverband.org/forschungssiegel; translated to English)

19.02.2020 - HALFEN HIT steel to concrete connector

Steel structures, steel balconies, canopies or shading systems are often connected to reinforced concrete elements. Steel’s high thermal conductivity requires an efficient thermal separation in the connection to minimize thermal bridges, to reduce the higher energy consump-tion, and to prevent condensation damage to the structure.

HALFEN HIT Insulation connections for steel-to-concrete application reduce thermal bridges to a minimum with high loads transfer capability. They consist of an insulation material with a steel rebar system for reliable transfer of the loads.

Fields of application
  • Steel balconies
  • Steel canopies
  • Shading systems
  • Façade construction 
  • General technical approval no. Z-15.7-336
  • Type tested according to EC2
  • Reduction of thermal bridges in accordance with DIN 4108-2 and EnEV and minimization of energy losses
  • Prevents condensation and mould formation
  • High load capacity with corrosion resistance according to corrosion protection class III
  • Time-saving installation with adjustment plate
  • Freely adjustable to compensation for construction site tolerances
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18.09.2019 - HALFEN HIT-MVXL Insulated connections for demanding architecture

The new versatile HIT-MVXL elements allow you to enjoy the sun on the balcony for longer – even when it disappears around a corner. With their huge shear load capacities, it is now also possible to realize unusual shapes. Now the whole family can even sit on the balcony together; each on their own sun lounger. Also suitable for inspired architecture!

Thanks to the intelligent reinforcement layout, installation of the HIT-MVXL elements is both safe and quick.

  • The main slab reinforcement can be laid quickly and safely, as there are no interfering pressure bars at the bottom of the HIT-MVXL elements. Our smart, red CSBearings assume this function.
  • Also on the balcony side on-site reinforcement is quickly added. The HIT bars are arranged here in one layer.
  • And finally, the new HALFEN HIT-MVXL is perfectly suited for reliable transfer of bending moments and shear forces with good thermal insulation.
  • Highly loaded or large cantilevered balcony slabs
  • Large overhanging balconies at outer corners
  • Fire protection REI 120 as standard – for fail-safe installation
  • Can be used as a fire-break in ETICS facades (Expanded polystyrene)
  • European Technical Assessment ETA 18/0189 
  • Type tested according to EC2 
  • Reduction of thermal bridges according to DIN 4108-2 and EnEV and minimization of energy losses 
  • Prevention of condensation and mould 
Technical details:
  • Insulation material thicknesses of 80mm (HIT-HP) and 120mm (HIT-SP) available
  • Insulation material: Thermal-insulating fire protection material of building material class A1 – non-flammable insulating material
  • Stainless steel in the joint

09.09.2019 - New software HEK 1.00 for precast connections

The new design software for HALFEN HEK precast connections is now available for download.

Conventional precast concrete connections with e.g. flexible loops or re-bent reinforcing bars must be grouted in the connection joint. They are therefore not fully load-bearing immediately after assembly.
The "dry" HALFEN HEK Precast concrete connections do not require mortaring of the connection joint and thus achieve a considerable reduction in assembly effort and time.

In order to be able to quickly and effectively calculate these approved bolted connections, HALFEN again provides one of its proven design programs.
After a minimum number of entries, the user receives either a detailed, verifiable calculation or a short printout, both with a detailed representation of the selected connection.

15.07.2019 - HALFEN is shortlisted as “A leader in German Innovation”

HALFEN hat überzeugt: Die FAZ setzt das Unternehmen auf die Shortlist als einer der Innovationsführer Deutschlands. Für die Studie wurden alle Patente berücksichtigt, die in den letzten zehn Jahren von deutschen Unternehmen angemeldet wurden. 3.500 der 33.000 Unternehmen landeten schliesslich auf der Shortlist.

Die Studie wurde im Auftrag des F.A.Z.-Instituts von der Prognos AG in Kooperation mit dem IMWF Institut für Management- und Wirtschaftsforschung durchgeführt. Als Grundlage für die Analyse dienten Daten der EPO Worldwide Patent Statistical Database (PATSTAT) des Europäischen Patentamtes. Diese Datenbank beinhaltet Informationen zu über 100 Millionen Patenten der führenden Industrie- und Entwicklungsländer. Bewertet wurden Patentfamilien aus über 500 Technologie- und Wissensgebieten.

Untersucht wurde, wie hoch der Einfluss des jeweiligen Patents auf andere Erfindungen ist und inwiefern sich die neue Erfindung von bestehenden Patenten abgrenzt. Hinterfragt wurde, ob deutsche Forscher in die neuen Erfindungen einbezogen wurden. Die Patente von HALFEN lieferten in allen Bereichen die richtigen Antworten und zeigten viel Potenzial im Bereich des technischen Fortschritts.

02.07.2019 - DETAN: Neue ETA und höhere Stahlfestigkeiten

Die moderne Architektur sucht gleichzeitig zweckmässige und funktionelle, gestalterisch aussergewöhnliche Umsetzungen.

Mit dem DETAN Stabsystem bietet HALFEN eine innovative Produktlösung, die höchsten ästhetischen, sicherheitstechnischen und qualitativen Anforderungen gerecht wird.

Die neuen Stahlgüten von DETAN-S bieten eine höhere Zugfestigkeit bis 720 N/mm2.

Das bedeutet bis zu 15 % höhere Tragfähigkeit bei gleichbleibendem Stabquerschnitt. Durch den teilweise möglichen Einsatz geringerer Stabquerschnitte erscheint die Zugstabkonstruktion noch filigraner.

19.01.2019 - World of innovation HALFEN Products 2019

HALFEN Innovations and products
We at HALFEN are always busy – continuously moving forwards! Our product developers don’t just concentrate on improving and optimizing existing HALFEN products; they’re also involved in developing new products for the current market, and for the market of tomorrow. Current trends, impulses and customers’ feedback as well as new developments in the construction sector are all considered in this process. This is how we continue to develop as a company, allowing us to set new trends.

HALFEN also has to think outside of the box, to look beyond the obvious. As a major player in our field we have to continually ask ourselves: what is our current position in the market? What do we want to be? The intention of
this brochure is to provide an insight into our World of Innovations for 2019. Be part of our journey. We’ll be pleased to welcome you.

more information

18.01.2019 - Innovation and high-performance system: Fixing for thin, large-sized concrete facade elements

Architects appreciate the modern look and the creative freedom that is possible with concrete curtain-wall façades. Now, thin, large-sized concrete façades with a thickness of only 30 mm can be securely fitted using the new HALFEN FPA-SL30 fixing system.

• Complete system; Building Authority Approved (abZ)
• Versatile application
• Quick, simple installation
• The HALFEN Service team is available for technical and on-site support

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17.01.2019 - HALFEN HLX Lift-Box: The strength behind lift installation

The new generation of the HALFEN HLX Lift-Box is now available.
Two new load steps and a new design complement the HALFEN
product range of attachment points for installation and maintenance
of lifts.

• CE marking with European Technical Assessment
• Additional load steps: 2000 kg and 4000 kg
• Chain-link as attachement point: Automatic release and self-locking

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15.01.2019 - The HTU Profiled sheet fixing channel

The HALFEN HTU Channels are ideal for simple fixing of all types of profiled metal sheets or sandwich panels – using self-tapping screws. Thanks to its innovative shape and profiling, the new, optimized generation of channels are self-anchoring and are cast completely into the concrete cover.
(Available from June 2019)

14.01.2019 - New HVG VERSOGRID Installation grid

The versatile fixing system
Whether in exhibition halls, train stations and airports or other large indoor venues with fluctuating public traffic, suspension systems must be designed for maximum flexibility and adaptability. Roof and ceiling elements — beams, girders, existing building services or unevenness in the main building structure — often make installation difficult when large display screens or panels, loudspeakers or spotlights or other objects and paraphernalia need to be installed.

HALFEN VERSOGRID provides an innovative solution: The installation grid creates a level plane below concrete roofs and steel girder structures —
requires minimal time and installation work.

The individual components with a weight of only 5.5 kg/m are connected and secured without requiring any tools. The double slot profile allows load-bearing elements to be fixed under the grid using suspension ring bolts, and cable ducts or other media supply components to be fixed on top of the grid structure. Individual profile elements are easily and quickly removed and replaced. This allows necessary repairs, e.g. to media supply lines to be carried out quickly and efficiently. The large selection of RAL colours for the powder coating also ensures a unique and overall very aesthetic design.

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14.01.2019 - New software version HDB 13.20 for punching shear reinforcement

The latest version of the proven HDB dimensioning software is now available. The current software version now includes new features:
 NEW: The angle of inclination of the slab edges can be varied so that complex slab geometries can be recalculated
 NEW: Alternative design of foundation slabs and single foundations with HDB anchor rails or with the new HDB-Z possible

Click here for the free software download!

HDB-Z - The new punching shear reinforcement for the economic design of floor slabs and single foundations according to DIBt approval Z-15.1-330
Already with the proven HDB anchor rail a higher resistance to puncture failure can be achieved. With the new HDB-Z, an even higher increase in load capacity for foundation slabs and foundations can be achieved. The up to 100 % higher load capacity compared to a foundation without punching shear reinforcement can also be used to reduce the thickness of the foundations significantly. This in turn saves excavation, concrete and construction time.

20.11.2018 - NEW: HALFEN PARTcommunity has been significantly expanded

The HALFEN PARTcommunity, the CAD portal for HALFEN components (free for the end user), has been significantly expanded. Over 100 different 2D and 3D CAD formats are available, including of course BIM-compatible formats such as Revit and Allplan, as well as the BIM exchange format IFC.

In the section “Fixing systems”, HTU Cast-in channels and HGB Balustrade fixings can now also be selected. The “Lifting anchor systems” have been complemented by the Frimeda Ring anchors. HCC Column shoes, HUC Universal connections and HSC Stud connectors are now also available under “Reinforcement systems”.

The HALFEN element drawings can be configured using convenient configurators. The components can be sent per email, downloaded or, when using specific CAD programs, be pasted using the cross-hair cursor directly into the CAD workspace.

Click here for the free-of-charge component drawings.

16.08.2018 - NEU: Bemessungssoftware HSC 2.0 für HALFEN HSC Stud Connector

Konsolen, nachträglich ergänzte Konsolquerschnitte und Verankerung am Endauflager

Ab sofort ist die neue Bemessungssoftware für den HALFEN HSC Stud Connector verfügbar. Damit können Stahlbetonkonsolen, nachträglich ergänzte Konsolquerschnitte und die Verankerung am Endauflager bei direkter Auflagerung von Balken und Platten bemessen werden. Grundlage sind DIN EN 1992-1-1, DIN EN 1992-1-1/NA und die allgemeine bauaufsichtliche Zulassung Nr. Z-21.8-1973. Die Software dient als Planungs- und Bemessungshilfe für die Anwendung von HSC Ankern und enthält Angaben zur Bewehrung der Anschlusskonfiguration. Mit ihrem modularen Aufbau und graphischen Darstellungen in 2D und 3D leistet sie einen wichtigen Beitrag für die sichere und konstruktionsgerechte Ausführung von Stahlbetonkonstruktionen mit HSC Ankern.

Neu - Diverse Verbesserungen im Vergleich zur Vorgängerversion.

Aktuell – Mit der automatisch oder manuell durchführbaren Funktion „Nach Update suchen“ ist Ihre Software immer auf dem neuesten Stand.

Modular - Die separaten Programmodule Konsole, Balken und Platten ermöglichen eine übersichtliche, systematische und flexible Nutzerinteraktion.

Interaktiv - Die interaktive Benutzerführung erkennt Fehleingaben und gibt hilfreiche Hinweise. Dadurch wird die Bearbeitungszeit auf ein Minimum reduziert.

Übersichtlich - HSC Anker und Bügel werden massstabsgetreu dargestellt. Die 3D-Grafik kann mit der Maus ganz einfach im Raum um 360° gedreht, geschwenkt, geneigt und gezoomt werden. Zusätzlich werden die Einwirkungen und Bauteilabmessungen zweidimensional dargestellt. Der aktuelle Status der Nachweise und der geometrischen Randbedingungen bzgl. der Konstruktionsregeln wird ständig den Eingaben angepasst. Im vollständigen Ergebnisausdruck ist jeder Rechenschritt einzeln nachzuvollziehen.

International - Freie Auswahl der deutschen und englischen Sprachfassung.

Mit der neuen Version der Bemessungssoftware steht Ihnen ein leistungsstarkes Hilfsmittel zur Verfügung. Überzeugen Sie sich selbst!

17.05.2018 - Nouvelle documentation : Gamme de Produits

Avec plus de 20 000 produits de qualité, HALFEN est l’une des entreprises leader au monde dans les domaines Techniques pour le béton, la façade et lʼindustrie. Des systèmes de fixation et d’armatures aux systèmes de levage et d’haubanage, notre gamme complète de produits offre des solutions pour de multiples applications dans le bâtiment et l’industrie.