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14.12.2018 - Buon Natale e felice anno nuovo

Vi auguriamo un buon Natale e un felice anno nuovo.

I nostri uffici rimangono chiusi dal 25 dicembre 2018 fino al 2 gennaio 2019.
A partire dal 3 gennaio siamo di nuovo a vostra disposizione.

Il vostro HALFEN Swiss Team

20.11.2018 - NEW: HALFEN PARTcommunity has been significantly expanded

The HALFEN PARTcommunity, the CAD portal for HALFEN components (free for the end user), has been significantly expanded. Over 100 different 2D and 3D CAD formats are available, including of course BIM-compatible formats such as Revit and Allplan, as well as the BIM exchange format IFC.

In the section “Fixing systems”, HTU Cast-in channels and HGB Balustrade fixings can now also be selected. The “Lifting anchor systems” have been complemented by the Frimeda Ring anchors. HCC Column shoes, HUC Universal connections and HSC Stud connectors are now also available under “Reinforcement systems”.

The HALFEN element drawings can be configured using convenient configurators. The components can be sent per email, downloaded or, when using specific CAD programs, be pasted using the cross-hair cursor directly into the CAD workspace.

Click here for the free-of-charge component drawings.

16.08.2018 - NEW: Design software HSC 2.0 for HALFEN HSC Stud Connector

Corbels, subsequently casted corbels and rebar anchorings at end bearings

The new design software for the HALFEN HSC Stud Connector is available now. It supports the design of concrete corbels, subsequently casted corbels and the anchoring of rebars at end bearings of beams and slabs. The design calculation is based on DIN EN 1992-1-1, DIN EN 1992-1-1 / NA and the DIBt approval Z-21.8-1973. This software is a useful planning and dimensioning tool for the application of HSC anchors and includes information about the reinforcement layout of the connection. The modular design and the graphics in 2D and 3D allow a safe and professional construction of reinforced concrete structures with HSC anchors.

New - Various improvements compared to the previous version.

Up to date - With the automatic or manual "Search update" feature your software is always up to date.

Modular - The separate modules for corbels, beams and slabs provide a clear, systematic and flexible user experience.

Interactive - The interactive user guidance detects incorrect input and provides helpful hints. This reduces the processing time to a minimum.

Clear - HSC anchors and stirrups are drawn to scale. The 3D graphics can easily be zoomed, swiveled, tilted and rotated by 360°. In addition, loads and dimensions are shown in 2D-graphics. The current status of the static proofs and the geometric boundary conditions considering the de-sign rules is constantly adapted to the input. The result print out shows each calculation step.

International - Free selection of German and English language versions.

With the new version of the design software you have a powerful tool at your disposal. Click here for a free software download!

HALFEN Swiss AG mit Architects‘ Darling® Gold Award in der Kategorie Kundenservice/Support 2018 ausgezeichnet!

Am 15. März wurden erstmals die Sieger des "Architects’ Darling Swiss Edition" gekürt. Das Team der HALFEN Swiss AG konnte den Gold Award in der Kategorie Kundenservice/Support als Bestätigung ihrer Arbeit entgegennehmen.

Mit welchen Herstellern arbeiten Architekten in der Schweiz am liebsten zusammen? Wer hat die besten Lösungen und Produkte in unterschiedlichen Gewerken und Gebäudebereichen? Wer überzeugt in Bezug auf Innovation, Design, Nachhaltigkeit, Energieeffizienz, Kundenservice und Support? Diese Fragestellungen bildeten die Basis
der Meinungsumfrage Architects’ Darling Swiss Edition 2018. Durchgeführt wurde die Erhebung von der Docu Media Schweiz GmbH vom September 2017 bis Januar 2018. Insgesamt stellten sich 82 Bauhersteller dem Votum.

Ganze 20 Hersteller konnten in 15 Produktbereichen sowie fünf themenübergreifenden Kategorien einen der Gold-Awards entgegennehmen.
Wir bedanken uns herzlich für Ihre Wahl!

Dies bestärkt unseren Anspruch, weiterhin als verlässlicher Partner mit innovativen Produkten stets die besten technischen Lösungen zu beraten und zu liefern, um unseren Kunden überall auf der Welt noch einen Schritt näher zu sein.

14.02.2018 - NEW: HEK Precast Coupler with approval

The universally applicable HALFEN HEK Precast Coupler is a practical solution for fast and economical installation of precast concrete elements. The Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (German Centre of Competence for Construction) has now issued a general building approval for the HEK Precast Coupler. This paves the way for the widespread use of this product on the German market.

Innovative, practical and versatile
Whether for connecting multi-part pipe systems in road and civil engineering, prefabricated elements in hydraulic engineering projects or walls in residential and commercial projects: The HEK Precast Coupler is the perfect solution for a variety of applications and connection situations. It offers unprecedented versatility, as it can be combined with nearly any type of anchor. Embedded DEMU Sleeve anchors, bolt anchors or bar anchors ensure that the connection can be subjected to load immediately after installation, irrespective of the weather.

Easiest possible assembly
In combination with a freely selectable anchor, the connection of precast concrete elements can be achieved by simple bolting directly after positioning on site. This means there is no need for any further materials or auxiliary aids, and no down time during construction due to curing. Compared to conventional construction methods the HEK Precast Coupler is considerably more cost and time efficient.

Visit us at the Concrete Days (The precast industry summit at Ulm, Germany) from the 20th to the 22nd of February and let us demonstrate our latest products. We look forward to your visit.

27.11.2017 - New catalogue: HALFEN Tunnelling

Tunnels are very challenging civil engineering projects with a prospective service life of 100 years or more, and therefore the highest standards for installation of safety relevant fixing are required in their construction.

Our new tunnel catalogue provides an overview of the wide range of HALFEN products used worldwide for fixing in tunnel construction that meet these standards.

The catalogue illustrates examples from Europe, the USA and China of applications in railway tunnels, in road tunnels and in utility service projects.
The first part of the catalogue is a general overview of products to provide easy orientation of the applications followed with a compilation of technical information for the illustrated products.

If you have any questions or require individual consultation for a project, please contact our tunnel team at: kap.tunnel@halfen.com.

Your contcts:
Alexander Kleine Stegemann: +49 172 705 09 66
Ivica Duzic: +49 174 326 87 39

26.09.2017 - New HALFEN software HIT 9.21

The new HIT 9.21 design program is now available for download.

Halfen, the first supplier of balcony connections with European Technical Approval, has expanded its proven design program.

The current software version now includes
  • a new expansion joint spacing,
  • an adjustment of the limitation of the concrete compression strut 1/3 VRd,max,
  • a height offset (up or down) and
  • a variable concrete cover for each direction or support area. 
Click here for a free software download!

04.09.2017 - HALFEN HIT Insulated Connections: Be on the safe side

Structural fire protection is a complex issue that should not to be neglected. Interpretation of the regulations and their correct application requires comprehensive know-how.

An uncomplicated and above all a reliable solution is available for balcony connections. Class A1 rock wool material is used in all HALFEN Insulated HIT-HP and HIT-SP connection elements for energy-efficiency, and also for fire protection. Consequently, HIT elements meet the highest fire resistance REI 120 classification as standard.

Learn more about the benefits in the new HIT flyer.

24.08.2017 - Renewing the Type test in accordance with EN 13480-3

HALFEN Powerclick is a modular pipe support system. Any support can be constructed with only a few standard parts. Using only one channel profile and one type of connection bolt, assembly times are reduced considerably.

European standard EN 13480, under the scope of Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, regulates the safety of supporting structures in plant construction. By renewing the Type test in accordance with EN 13480-3, HALFEN Powerclick has once again been confirmed to be in conformance with the requirements of harmonized EU regulations, and designers can keep referring to the simple-to-use load tables.

The test results are available as a free download here.

20.03.2017 - HALFEN Zertifikat DNV-GL für Schiffbau und Offshore

Bis Ende des Jahres 2016 hat HALFEN daran gearbeitet, das DNV-GL Zertifikat um weitere fünf Jahre verlängern zu lassen.

Nach einem erfolgreichen Audit des Germanischer Lloyd im Werk Langenfeld wurde uns bestätigt, dass HALFEN Montageschienen in Verbindung mit HALFEN Schrauben den Schwingungsbeanspruchungen ausgesetzt werden können und die geltenden Anforderungen für den Einsatz u. a. im Schiffbau und Offshore eingehalten werden.

Die Gültigkeit des Zertifikates TAP00000NM erstreckt sich bis Dezember 2021.

08.03.2017 - Larger joint spacings with HALFEN HIT Insulated connections

More design possibilities for all balconies geometries, for access balconies and parapets.

After the German Institute for Building Technology’s (DIBt) amendment to the general building approval Z-15.7-293 in November 2016,   further updated approvals, Z-15.7-312 and Z-15.7-309, for simply supported balconies and loggias are now also available.

In addition, verification of the compression strut, 1/3 VRd,max is no longer necessary. This leads to more planning freedom, especially for (simply) supported balconies and Loggias.

Your advantages for planning and execution:
  • more planning freedom for all balcony geometries
  • façade expansion joints spacings up to 23 metres are now possible in simply supported balconies and parapets
  • flexible planning of concrete sections and reduction in the time and effort required for formwork and reinforcement preparation, and concreting
  • more effective use of transport lengths with prefabricated balconies

HALFEN HIT Insulated connections fulfill the highest fire protection requirement according to REI 120 as standard. You can find our products as (Tekla) building components in BIM libraries and on the HALFEN PARTcommunity as CAD drawings. To ensure economic planning, HALFEN provides the HIT design software and a HALFEN ψ-calculator. Contact HALFEN at: stefan.latzko@halfen.ch, phone: + 49 2173 / 970-422.

27.02.2017 - HK5 – with increased load capacities and reduced thermal heat transfer

Combining timeless design with long life and low maintenance costs: the brickwork façade. To ensure that brickwork façades continue to meet the increasing demands for energy efficiency, we have been continuously developing our brickwork support over the years.

The HK5 is the latest generation of brickwork support. Improvements in geometry and material mean a more energy efficient, stronger and more economical bracket.

Reduced thermal conductivity
HALFEN HK5 is characterized by the highest energy and cost efficiency. It incorporates the advantages of proven Lean Duplex steel and has optimum, expertly confirmed Chi-values. The new slim design reduces heat transfer by up to 27% compared to the already improved HK4 Thermo. No additional insulation of the bracket is necessary.

Higher loads – more economical
Optimised geometry and a stiffer, angled design through the body of the bracket make for higher load classes (4.0, 8.0 and 12.0 kN) and mean fewer brackets are needed – reducing installation times, transport costs and storage requirements on-site.

HALFEN HK5 is type-tested and approved by DIBT, and is engineered to the high standards our customers have come to expect of all HALFEN products.
The notched head plate provides positive load transfer to the structure and the anti-slip protection ensures safe assembly.

Choose a brickwork façade for your project now – for economy, long-life and aesthetics, while meeting the highest building physics requirements!

20.02.2017 - HALFEN HIT Insulated connection and HALFEN Cast-in channels receive an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

An EPD® (Environmental Product Declaration) provides transparent and comparable ecological data which helps to evaluate the sustainability of a building. Already during the planning phase the data provided here is of great significance for architects and planners. The data provided also helps to ensure the high demands on the environmental performance of the building are met.

EPDs form the data basis for an environmental building assessment in accordance with DIN EN 15978. The declarations are internationally coordinated; they are based on international standards (ISO 14025; ISO 14040ff) – as well as on European DIN EN 15804.

The EPD for the HALFEN HIT-HP MVX-0805-20-100 balcony connection and HALFEN Cast-in channels HTA-CE and HZA was presented by the Institut für Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (IBU) during the BAU 2017 Trade fair.

13.02.2017 - HALFEN PSA Anchor point for use with personal fall protection equipment

We would like to present the HALFEN PSA Anchor point for use with personal fall protection equipment.

The anchor point for use with personal fall protective equipment (PSA) consists of an approved DEMU T-FIXX, stainless steel sleeve anchor, an identification cap, and a connecting hook. The suitability of the approved sleeve bolt for fall protection was conducted in a DGUV test based on EN 795 for 1 person and in accordance with CEN/TS 16415 for 2 people.

The suitability of the load-anchor for personal fall protective equipment was tested in dynamic case studies. The tests were carried out in accordance with DIN 795:2012, whereby a fall of a total of three people was simulated.

Connecting hooks are third party and not included in the HALFEN Product range; these must be sourced separately. A good example for a suitable connecting hook is the RUD PSA INOX STAR M16.

Item number: 0020.270-00508 T-FIXX M16x100 A4

Application examples of construction and maintenance at great heights, which require a maximum level of safety:
  • lift maintenance work
  • maintenance work on masts and towers
  • maintenance work on solar and wind turbine projects
  • roofing projects
  • façade work (projects)
  • façade and window cleaning

01.02.2017 - Ceremonial presentation of an environmental product Declaration EPD at the BAU 2017, trade fair in Munich

During the BAU 2017 trade fair, the Institut für Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (IBU) presented HALFEN with a EPD declaration for the the original HALFEN Channel and the HALFEN HIT Insulated connection. An EPD® (Environmental Product Declaration) provides transparent and comparable ecological data which helps to evaluate the sustainability and service life of a building.

30.01.2017 - HALFEN Innovations and New Products

We at HALFEN are always busy – continuously moving forwards! Our product developers don’t just concentrate on improving and optimizing existing HALFEN products; they`re also involved in developing new products for the current market, and for the market of tomorrow. Current trends, impulses and customers’ feedback as well as new developments in the construction sector are all considered in this process. This is how we continue to develop as a company, allowing us to set new trends.

HALFEN also has to think outside of the box, to look beyond the obvious. As a major player in our field we have to continually ask ourselves: what is our current position in the market? What do we want to be? The intention of this brochure is to provide an insight into our World of Innovations for 2017.

23.01.2017 - Video: HALFEN HIT Insulated connections for cantilevered structural components and balconies

Welcome to our HIT-Show house: sit back and enjoy the tour! This unique, virtual building contains numerous examples of our HIT insulated connections in use.

With its HIT Insulated connections, HALFEN provides a versatile and innovative range of products. The connections not only ensure optimum thermal insulation, they also fulfill the highest fire protection requirements as standard and can be used in many different installation situations.

You can find our products as (Tekla-) Buildings components in the BIM-Library and under HALFEN PARTcommunity as CAD drawings. HIT planning software is available to ensure efficient planning.

We will also gladly provide you with solutions specifically developed for your individual building projects. Contact us at: Sebastian.latzko@halfen.ch, Phone: +41 (0)44 / 849 78 32.

16.01.2017 - HALFEN sets new standards with the HTA-CE Plus!

The classic anchor channel is now ready for a leap in its evolution: Thanks to outstanding engineering improvements and multiple optimized details  a new, more efficient HALFEN channel is now available.

The innovative hot-rolled HALFEN HTA-CE plus channels provide you the following benefits:
  • Due to the new, higher load range more applications can be covered with the new HTA-CE 40/22P and HTA-CE 50/30P channels. This reduces the risk of channel and bolt confusion on your construction site and in your precast plant.
  • When selecting the new HTA-CE 40/22P for higher loads, the HS 40/22 bolt is used. In comparison to previous solutions using the HTA-CE 50/30 you also reduce costs and the number of different bolts that are required on construction site.
  • With the new plus channels you can now select smaller profiles for the same loads requirements. The HALFEN channel with a height of only 23 mm (HTA-CE 40/22P) and 30mm (HTA-CE 50/30P) is almost always installed completely in the required concrete cover. This allows more efficiency to your reinforcement planning.
  • For more ambitious constructions the curved HTA-CE-CS, HALFEN channel pairs, corner elements and customized elements are available as options. HALFEN bolts and the complete portfolio are available in the current B17.1-E technical catalogue.
The new HTA-CE 40/22P and HTA-CE 50/30P channel profiles are approved with ETA-16/0453 for use in Europe and are CE marked. They can be easily and efficiently calculated using the HALFEN HTA software. After selecting a HALFEN channel and a suitable bolt the calculation results can be easily copied in a list and saved in a file. Click here to download the current HTA software.

You also find our HALFEN channels as (Tekla-) building element components in BIM libraries and as CAD drawings in the HALFEN PARTcommunity.

09.01.2017 - Larger required spacing between expansion joints in cantilevered balconies, access balconies and parapets

In November 2016, the General Building Authority (DIBt, Deutscher Institut für Bautechnik) approval no. Z-15.7-293 for the HIT Insulated connection element was amended to include the updated expansion joint spacing. The substantial increase in the maximum allowable spacing of the expansion joints significantly extends the range of applications for the HIT Insulated connection elements. This includes the following advantages when planning:

  • the lengths of individual balconies, access balconies, and parapet elements can be designed up to twice as long as previously possible
  • increased flexibility and planning for external and internal corner balconies
  • façade expansion joints up to 23 meters are now possible in parapets
  • reduction in time and effort required for formwork, reinforcing and concreting
  • flexible planning of concrete sections
  • more effective use of transport lengths with prefabricated balconies
In addition, the HIT-HP with 80mm insulation thickness and the HIT-SP with 120mm insulation thickness fulfil the highest fire protection requirement according to REI 120 as standard, and can be used as fire barriers without requiring further measures.

You can find our products as (Tekla) building components in BIM libraries and on the HALFEN PARTcommunity as CAD drawings. To ensure economic planning HALFEN provides the HIT design software and a HALFEN ψ-calculator. Contact HALFEN at: Sebastian.latzko@halfen.ch, phone: + 41 (0) 44 / 849 78 32.

HALFIX – The new versatile fixing system from HALFEN

Mit dem neuen HALFIX-System präsentiert HALFEN als einer der weltweit ersten Hersteller ein wandelbares Positionssystem. Im Gegensatz zu dem klassischen Montage- und Befestigungssystem Schiene-Schraube bietet HALFIX die Möglichkeit die einmal eingestellte Position für eine zeitlich unabhängige Wiederverwendung  zu speichern. HALFIX stellt somit  die Weichen für die Anpassung an  zukünftige, noch undefinierte Zustände und schafft dadurch  eine völlig neue Art von Befestigungssystem.
Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der HALFIX Produktseite.

12.09.2016 - BIM files for HALFEN Cast-in Channels in the DigiPara® Liftdesigner for elevator planning

You can now find HALFEN Cast-in channels in the DigiPara® Liftdesigner Software product library.

BIM is also becoming increasingly important in the elevator industry: The BIM process optimizes the cooperation between architects, builders and elevator companies. The BIM process allows verification of all details of elevator planning in a building project at any time, and therefore pre-empts any possible errors.

The DigiPara® Liftdesigner is a software tool for efficient planning and configuration of elevators and escalators; this significantly speeds up planning. The DigiPara® Liftdesigner includes predefined elevator parameters, component structure and elevator specifications. It combines all important elevator information for effective 2D elevator drawings and 3D elevator models.

Link to BIM files for HALFEN Cast-in Channels in the DigiPara®
Liftdesigner for elevator planning.

15.07.2016 - Technical Approval for HALFEN Cast-in Channels in China

HALFEN received the first technical approval for HALFEN Cast-in Channels in China as a result of the first project and cooperation of the certification body CABR (China) and DIBt (Germany). The event held on 6th July at CABR HQ in Beijing got a lot of attention from the Chinese authorities (CNAA, CNCA) and technical community.

09.05.2016 - BIM sostenuto e favorito da HALFEN

Oltre ai disegni nel portale HALFEN PARTcommunity che possono essere scaricati in formato BIM IFC, HALFEN offre un supporto diretto per il programma CAD di Tekla Structures abilitato al BIM.

Usando la speciale piattaforma Tekla Warehouse, sviluppata per gli utenti Tekla in internet, una serie di librerie di prodotto può essere facilmente scaricata e implementata come una macro nell'interfaccia utente Structures Tekla.
Le seguenti librerie sono disponibili per una configurazione comoda, basata su menu:

  • Sistemi di sollevamento DEHA a testa sferica
  • Sistemi di continuità DEMU
  • Boccole di fissaggio DEMU
  • Sistemi di sollevamento FRIMEDA
  • Sistemi di sostegno per facciate in mattoni faccia a vista – HK4
  • Sistema di tiranti e puntoni DETAN
  • Sistema a taglio termico per balconi HIT
  • Sistema di sollevamento HD
  • Sistema per pannelli sandwich (SPA, FA e MVA)
Inoltre HALFEN offre i disegni dei propri prodotti nel portale BIM: BIM portal BIMcatalogs.net subito pronti per il download.
Sono disponibili i disegni delle seguenti tipologie di prodotto:
  • Sistemi di supporto per l’impiantistica e l’industria e sistemi Powerclick
  • Profili HALFEN ed accessori
  • Sistemi di sollevamento
  • Sistemi di rinforzo
  • Facciate in pannelli prefabbricati in calcestruzzo.
I necessari componenti possono essere comodamente configurati e scaricati nei formato 2D e 3D (preferibilmente in IFC, il formato di scambio BIM).

I disegni dei prodotti HALFEN offerti nel Portale BIMcatalogs vengono continuamente aggiornati, in modo tale che, in un prossimo futuro, l’intera gamma dei nostri prodotti, sia disponibile e compatibile con BIM

04.05.2016 - Sistema di gestione dell'energia in HALFEN è certificata secondo la DIN EN ISO 50001

Con l’entrata in vigore, all'inizio del 2015, dell’European Energy Services Act, HALFEN ha lavorato per sviluppare e implementare un sistema di gestione dell'energia, che dopo essere stata implementata con successo, ci ha portato alla certificazione secondo la norma DIN EN ISO 50001.

Dopo un periodo di applicazione di circa 10 mesi, il 15 aprile 2016 l’ente SWEDAC Certification Institute International GmbH ha certificato HALFEN per tutte le sue sedi europee, gli Stati Uniti d'America e la Cina secondo la DIN EN ISO 50001 zertifiziert.

02.05.2016 - Nuove librerie CAD in HALFEN PART community

Le librerie di prodotti HALFEN per l’edilizia inserite nel portale HALFEN PARTcommunity sono state ampliate in modo significativo. Sono già disponibili i disegni per le seguenti linee di prodotto:

  • Sistema Poweclick
  • Profili HALFEN (HTA-CE, dentati e con asole)
  • Sistemi di sollevamento a testa sferica e relativi maniglioni
  • Sistema di rinforzo al taglio HDB
  • Sistema a taglio termico per balconi HIT
  • Sistema di ancoraggi per pannelli sandwich (SPA, FA e MVA)
  • Sistema Betojuster
I disegni richiesti possono ora essere configurati in modo intuitivo; non è più necessario scorrere lunghi elenchi!

Gli utenti possono selezionare un formato CAD tra più di 40 differenti formati 3D e più di 20 diversi formati 2D. Questi comprendono entrambi i formati originali come AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, Nemetschek Allplan e Sketchup, nonché formati di interscambio, come STEP, IGES e PDF. Ovviamente, il formato IFC necessario per le applicazioni BIM è supportato direttamente.

I disegni degli elementi richiesti possono essere anche scaricati su computer, inviati come e-mail o aperti direttamente da un sistema CAD in esecuzione.

I disegni dei prodotti HALFEN offerti nel Portale BIMcatalogs vengono continuamente aggiornati, in modo tale che, in un prossimo futuro, l’intera gamma dei nostri prodotti, sia disponibile e compatibile con BIM.