Safety as a central component of success is also relevant for our customers, business partners and employees. No matter where or when, safety and economic viability are always the basic principles for you and your company.
HALFEN IQ stands for intelligence and for integrated service in:

Quality determines our entire business thinking and actions. Quality is prerequisite for success and competitiveness in the market; for HALFEN and its customers. That’s why we actively seek quality and don’t leave it to chance. We do this on a daily basis for all products in all areas and all processes, from initial conception right through to customer service; quality is our partner. Everyone at HALFEN is actively involved in our Integrated Quality. Our quality management system meets the requirements of the international ISO 9001 standard.

Occupational health and safety and environmental protection
HALFEN is well aware of the importance of health and safety at work for its employees, visitors customers and suppliers; this includes the importance of protecting the environment. We see it as our duty to ensure a safe and healthy work environment and continue to find ways to improve and develop the applicable support structures.

Our objectives:
• that we undertake everything, to avoid industrial accidents
• all waste materials are either reused or recycled
• all waste and waste materials are disposed of professionally
• high standards of cleanliness and tidiness are mandatory for all operating equipment
• all work stations are furnished according to applicable ergonomic standards
• all new acquisitions are selected according to the following criteria: reduced energy consumption, lower noise pollution, recyclable or re-usable package as well as ergonomic design

Health and safety at work has a special significance at HALFEN. The strict adherence to all local regulations and laws is an absolute minimum and not the main objective. In addition, we expect maximum effort in meeting core company values of health and safety at work; as well as continuously striving for improvement.

Health and safety management is a daily priority for everyone in all HALFEN organizations. The responsibility for health and safety requires maximum effort and cooperation of every employee at every level in the company. We can all contribute to ensure a healthy and safe work environment; a place where we enjoy working.

Our uncompromising declaration to our core values of integrity, honesty and respect for the law underpin our strategy for "Performance and Growth“ and the progression to a even broader diversification as one of the market leaders in fixing technology. Our code of conduct conforms with CRH company guidelines which sets clear standards that regulate our behaviour in accordance with the standards, so that we protect our integrity and continue to do business in a responsible manner; putting business ethics at the forefront of our dealings with customers, suppliers and the communities which we serve; treating all our employees with respect and embracing our responsibilities in the areas of health, safety and the environment. A simple statement is applicable for everyone: There is never a good business reason for doing the wrong thing. Only by upholding our core values can we maintain our continuing success as a company and safeguard our outstanding reputation.