New generation of high performance impact sound insulation products

Noises are a known cause of discomfort in residential and office buildings. Unwanted noise can significantly affect the quality of life in residential buildings or the level of performance in other types of buildings such as offices and schools. The noise resulting from footfall on insufficiently insulated stairs is particularly frequent and unpleasant. A reduction of the transmission is technically possible through elastic separation of the flights of stairs and stairway landings from the surrounding walls.  

Leviat provide acoustic solutions for staircase construction in new buildings with a brand-new impact sound insulation range of high performance and reliable products:

  1. HALFEN HBB impact sound insulation box
  2. HALFEN HTF-T impact sound insulation element
  3. HALFEN HTF-B impact sound insulation element
  4. Aschwanden CRET-TS SET impact sound insulation dowel
  5. HALFEN HTPL impact sound insulation plate

One of the main benefits of our new product range is obviously its excellent acoustic performance, tested in accordance with DIN 7396. The new products show excellent impact sound insulation values, providing better values than the requirements of the superior acoustic comfort according to DIN 4109-5. Our new range complies also with the highest requirements of the VDI or DEGA regulations.

To get more details about our new acoustic range, don’t hesitate to visit our product website or have a look at our new technical brochure. 

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