General accessories

General accessories

We have a wide range of accessories to complement its product range.

Matching threaded plates for all channel system, DIN standard nuts, washers and threaded rods.

Everything from a single source; we have what you need for your project.

Additional Information

HSK Hexagon head bolts, like GWS threaded rods are used in combination with HALFEN GWP threaded plates (channel nuts).

Channel nuts with "BITE"

The serration bites into the channel lips.

Channel nuts with spring

Used especially for installation of panel elements.

Our extensive assortment of washers, nuts, threaded rods and bolts also helps you to complete your building project.

Whatever accessories you need for your projects, by selecting original HALFEN accessories, you enjoy the advantages of coordinated system components:

  • Versatile HALFEN Channel-bolt system as an in one load-bearing and fixing system
  • Multiple options in design and positioning of bolt connections
  • Quick installation and adjustability of machining and building components
  • Easy modification or upgrading of entire systems with no mechanical reworking
  • No specialists required on-site to carry out modification work
  • Dust and noise-free on-site execution of modification work

HALFEN Accessories are available in a wide range of material qualities, to suit your specific application:

  • (HCR) High corrosions resistant steel for projects with especially aggressive conditions
  • (A4) Stainless steel for applications with high demands on corrosion protection
  • (HDG) Hot-dip galvanized steel or pre-galvanized (GVs) Zinc galvanized with special coating for interior use
HALFEN Cast-In Channels

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HALFEN Cast-In Channels

HALFEN Flexible Bolt Connections

Technical Product Information
HALFEN Flexible Bolt Connections


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Technical Product Information
HALFEN Cast-In Channels

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