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The HALFEN HVG VERSOGRID Installation grid is a versatile system for installation of lighting and media equipment; ideal for regular configuration and re-configuration of suspended loads. The double slot profile allows components to be fastened to both the top and bottom over the entire length of the profile.

Using the system components, the installation grid is fastened either to concrete using dowels or with clamps to steel girders.

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The innovative HALFEN VERSOGRID system provides `the solution´ when designing for adaptable and versatile suspended equipment, loads, etc. Especially suitable for use:

  • in exhibition centres
  • in airports, railway and bus-stations 
  • in production and manufacturing halls
  • in large-scale commercial kitchens
  • in shopfitting
  • in public assembly venues

VERSOGRID is ideally suited for new builds and for retrofit projects in existing buildings.

Project: Kölnmesse GmbH (Cologne Exhibition centre, Germany)

Project: Kölnmesse GmbH (Cologne Exhibition centre, Germany)

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1 HVG-HM 40/200 Double slot profile

as a main profile or cross element 2000 mm < l < 6000 mm with profile connector as an interlocked slot-in connection or with end cap

2 HVG-CC Cross connector

with suspension point

3 HVG-HB Hat bracket 

for connection to concrete

4 HVG-SU Suspension unit

freely adjustable

5 HVG-VB Vertical bracer

freely adjustable along the length of the profile

6 HVG-SR Suspension ring bolt

for attaching load-bearing elements

VERSOGRID combines aesthetics with function
  • Versatile application thanks to high load capacities and the adaptable channel-bolt connection
  • The double slot profile allows 
    • suspending load-bearing elements below the grid using HVG-SR suspension ring bolts
    • cable ducts and other media supply components to be fixed on top of the grid system.
  • Cross elements can also be used for suspending loads
  • Creates a level plane under concrete ceilings and steel and wood structures
  • Roof/ceiling elements, beams, girders, or unevenness, service installations, etc. no longer restrict further installation of suspended items  
  • Creates an appealing consistent and continuous look
  • Selection of powder coating RAL colours allow individual designs
  • Ideally suited for retrofit projects in existing buildings or also for new builds
Quick, easy and safe installation
  • The low weight and the slot-in connections ensures quick and safe installation
  • Versatile, economical, quick and easy to install (requires 2 people)
  • Tool-free, interlocking assembly and dis-assembly of the main profiles and cross elements
  • R-clips (split pins) to prevent accidental separation

Installing the main profiles

Cross element connection
  • Grid spacings up to 6 metres are possible
  • Lightweight construction with a profile weight of 5.5 kg/m
  • Point loads of 3 kN with 2 kN / m linear load
  • Safety factor > 3
  • Butt joints have ±1 mm longitudinal tolerance to allow for temperature fluctuation and installation tolerances



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Virtual Reality - HALFEN Versogrid VR

14 Jan 2019

Virtual Reality - HALFEN Versogrid VR


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Technical Product Information

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Virtual Reality - HALFEN Versogrid VR

14 Jan 2019

Virtual Reality - HALFEN Versogrid VR