Allplan - Leviat BIM Plugin

The Leviat BIM Plugin simplifies the selection, configuration and evaluation of Leviat BIM objects.
The future of digital specification – Configure quickly, easily, using a single source of data.
The advantages of native BIM elements of Revit and Allplan are combined with a uniform user interface.


HALFEN HIT Insulated connections are the first product to be implemented. This product sets the standard for all Leviat brands.


The following features distinguish the Leviat BIM Plugin:

  • Always up-to-date, country-specific BIM object library thanks to cloud connection
  • Information in BIM objects is adapted and translated country-specifically
  • BIM objects with reduced level of detail (LOD)
  • Integrated Excel export for building model evaluation
  • Leviat brands have the same structured data sets for easy evaluation
  • Excel export also works for Leviat BIM objects from other sources



Please refer to the warranty.