Natural stone support systems

SUK and UKB Support system

Natural stone façades with large cantilevers often require adaptable support systems that can be modified as required for the project. This HALFEN Support system consist of a series of vertical channels connected to a support structure in which wall panel support and restraint brackets are fixed. Vertical channels are fixed to the load-bearing structure at comparatively large spacings, reducing the number of connections. This has the benefit of reducing the number of penetrations in the building’s insulation layer; minimizing the number of thermal bridges.

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Support systems are suitable for durable constructions under difficult environmental conditions and with high loads.


The aluminium support system consists of support and restraint anchor brackets and vertical aluminium channels.

HALFEN SUK Stainless steel support structure

The HALFEN SUK Support system in stainless steel is a durable support system suitable for use in difficult environmental conditions, as well as for high loads. It is ideal for new construction projects and retrofit projects. HALFEN Support structures are also suitable for spanning non-load-bearing constructions. The stainless steel system is especially suited for use with large and varying distances to the load-bearing wall. The use of A4 stainless steel provides very high corrosion protection. The HALFEN SUK System requires only a few anchor connections and is therefore quick to install. Fewer anchor connections also result in very good thermal bridge values.

HALFEN UKB Aluminium support structure

The HALFEN UKB system is especially easy to install and therefore very economical. The system consists of support and restraint brackets and vertically installed aluminium channels. Self-tapping screws are used for easy and efficient connection of type BA-606 HALFEN Body anchors to the aluminium channels. This system combines the advantages of body anchors and channel systems.

  • Support system and channels can be installed in advance; without the façade elements
  • Bridging of non-load-bearing areas
  • Versatile and easy installation
  • Large cantilevers are possible
  • Reduction of thermal bridges
  • Further variations possible using custom parts and HALFEN Installation accessories

The stainless steel HALFEN SUK Support system is a durable support system suitable for high loads and for use in difficult environmental conditions. The HALFEN UKB System is especially easy to install and therefore a very economical version of the channel support system. For further technical information please refer to our Technical Product Information.

Natural Stone Support Systems

Technical Product Information
Natural Stone Support Systems


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Technical Product Information
Natural Stone Support Systems

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