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Armature de poinçonnement HDB

HDB - DWG - 3.20

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Armature de poinçonnement HDB

HDB - DXF - 3.20

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All files of this page are available as self-gripping EXE-files or optional as "normal" ZIP-files. After downloading the self-gripping EXE-files please simply double-click on them to start installation. For the ZIP-files you need a special software (e.g. winzip) to extract the CAD-Libraries.

Information de version
1.00 Première version
1.00b Modifications très minimales, actualisation non nécessaire
1.01-1.09 Modifications, minimales, actualisation non absolument nécessaire
1.10 Modifications importantes, actualisation conseillée
2.00 Nouvelle version, actualisation nécessaire