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New European Technical Assessment (ETA) for HALFEN HIT Balcony connections

HALFEN as a supplier for balcony connections has already had a (ETA) European Technical Approval which offers safety in planning and application in the whole of Europe, since 2013. As an award-winning innovation leader, winning a “TOP 100 Innovation award” in 2018 for the 2nd time, HALFEN continues to lead the way forward and to set new standards. We are pleased to inform you that the HALFEN HIT-HP/SP Insulated connections are approved in a new European Technical Assessment ETA-18/0189 since the 21st June 2018. Therefore you can now realize a larger variation of geometries for cantilevered (building) elements.

Your benefits in planning are:
  • Now also included: HIT-DD Elements for bi-directional moments and shear loads; connectors for parapets and corbels HIT-AT, HIT-OTX and HIT-FT
  • A decrease in thermal conductivity for small load bearing capacities as insulated connections with 2 (instead of 3 or 4) (CSB) Compression Shear Bearings are now approved
  • Improvement for expansion joints: For all standard elements without shear bars (for example HIT-MVX) or with shear bars <12mm (for example HIT-ZVX) the distance between max. allowable expansion joints is 13.5m (HP) and 23.0m (SP)
  • Easier calculation as verifying the concrete compression strut load bearing capacity 1/3 VRd,max is no longer necessary. This makes the load capacity tables for HIT-ZVXX and HIT-ZDX much simpler to use 
With these improvements your planning and designing are now much easier. You can find the new European Technical Assessment here. Take the time and check the details for yourself! The updated technical catalogue will also be available here shortly.

We will also gladly provide you with solutions specifically developed for your individual construction projects. Contact us at:, Phone: +49 2173 / 970-422 or -461.
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HALFEN is one of the innovation leaders of 2018!

This was the result of an analysis by the TOP 100 Scientific Director, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke of the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. As a mentor to the TOP 100 competition, Ranga Yogeshwar together with Dr. Franke and compamedia honoured HALFEN on the 29th June 2018 at an award ceremony in Ludwigsburg, Germany as part of the 5th German SME Summit.

In the independent, multi-stage selection process, HALFEN particularly stood out in the "climate of innovation" category. Five years ago, HALFEN initiated an innovation process to anticipate the structural and industrial requirements of the future with regard to products, technologies, processes, digitization and services. This is already the second TOP 100 award for HALFEN since 2015.
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The technical support as an essential service part of HALFEN, provided by our Engineering department is also available online.

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