HALFEN Cast-in channels and attachment points as 3D BIM in the DigiPara Liftdesigner Cloud

With us to the very top! Efficient 2D and 3D planning of your elevator with DigiPara Liftdesigner – BIM ready.

DigiPara® Liftdesigner can now also be used to plan cast-in channels and attachment points with HALFEN products. 3D BIM models of the HALFEN components can be found in the `Manufacturer Library´. The suitable product is selected with the simple press of a button!

As the products have been certified for DigiPara Liftdesigner you can always be sure to avoid any errors when entering your data. Three clicks are all that is required to export the latest version of your selected HALFEN product to any other CAD software.

Smart elevator planning with the following HALFEN Cast-in channels and attachment points:

  • Cold rolled cast-in channels (HTA-CE 28/15, 38/17, 40/25, 49/30, 54/33)
  • Cold rolled serrated cast-in channels (HZA 41/22)
  • Hot rolled cast-in channels (HTA-CE 40/22P, 50/30P, 52/34, 55/42, 72/48)
  • Hot rolled serrated cast-in channels (HZA 29/20, 38/23, 53/34, 64/44)
  • HLX Lift-Box (1500 loop, 2000 loop, 2000 link, 4000 link)

Discover the features of the DigiPara Liftdesigner! Elevator component manufacturers upload their products into the DigiPara Liftdesigner Cloud – including complete geometry and all necessary BIM properties. With DigiPara Liftdesigner it is easy to select components and adapt them to your specific needs. It is the perfect tool if you need quotes and installation drawings in 2D and 3D. DigiPara Liftdesigner supports all elevator companies in their entire planning process, resulting in time and cost benefits.

Download the free edition and click here.

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