Ties for precast lintels

Wider window openings require higher capacity lintels. HALFEN HTA-ES Precast concrete lintels are a high-quality alternative to visible steel angles. Precast lintels can be securely anchored to the HK5-S Bracket with the HTA-ES. This makes assembly with the T-head bolts quick and easy.

The HALFEN FSW Precast lintel bracket with bar is used to anchor precast lintels, for example, the HTA-ES. Cast into each end of the lintel. The two brackets either side of the lintel are set in the brickwork joints allowing it to span the opening

Additional Information

HALFEN HTA-ES Cast-in channel for precast lintels

  • HALFEN Cast-in channels cast into the concrete
  • Adjustable fixing
  • Quick, economical installation
  • Bolting instead of welding
  • Building authority approval

HALFEN FSW Precast lintel bracket with bar

  • Alternative to fixing a precast lintel with brickwork support bracket
  • The load is transfered from the facing lintel into the masonry
  • Concealed anchors in precast lintels
  • Type tested

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