Impact sound insulation products

Impact sound insulation for stairs

Impact sound is an undesirable and specific type of sound transmission. Especially in staircases of apartment buildings, inadequate impact sound protection can lead to annoying disturbances. To solve this problem, monolithic stair elements can be acoustically separated from adjacent building components with the HALFEN sound insulation system. HALFEN impact sound insulation products are perfectly qualified to meet the requirements for impact sound reduction.

Additional Information

  1. HBB -  Impact sound insulation box for acoustic decoupling of the landing​
  2. HTF-T - Impact sound insulation element for acoustic decoupling of a flight of stairs​
  3. HTPL -  Impact sound insulation plate for lateral decoupling of a flight of stairs and the wall of the staircase​
  4. HTF-B -  Impact sound insulation element and CRET-TS SET impact sound insulation dowel for acoustic decoupling of precast concrete stairs and the floor slab​
  5. HTT -  Impact sound insulation element for decoupling of a precast or in-situ poured staircase, to an in-situ cast concrete

Decoupling of the landing slab

HBB Impact sound insulation box for installation of on-site or precast concrete landing slabs​

​The HALFEN impact sound insulation box is used as a point support for the landing slab. The load is transferred via high-quality elastomeric bearings. The elements can be installed in in-situ concrete as well as in prefabricated landing slabs, at the connection with concrete or masonry walls.

Acoustic decoupling of a precast stair element

HTF-T Impact sound insulation element for placement of a precast stair flight on a corbel foreseen in a landing slab.​

​HALFEN HTF-T impact sound insulation elements are suitable for supporting prefabricated stair flights on in-situ poured or precast landings. The load is transferred through profiled elastomeric bearings. The impact sound insulation is located between the landing and the flight of stairs.

HTF-B Impact insulation element for acoustic decoupling between precast concrete stairs and the supporting slab.

CRET-TS SET impact sound insulation dowel is positionned vertically in the joint between the bearing slab and the first step of the staircase, securing the staircase in the right position, while guaranteeing the impact sound insulation provided by the HTF-B impact sound insulation mat. 

HTPL Impact sound insulation for lateral edge decoupling of a flight of stairs and a staircase wall​

Acoustic decoupling of an on-site cast stair element

HTT Impact sound insulation element for connection of an in-situ concrete or precast staircase to an in-situ concrete landing-slab

HALFEN HTT Impact sound insulation elements are suitable for on-site and precast concrete staircases to on-site cast landing-slabs with predominantly static loads. The HTT Elements transfer shear and horizontal loads.

HBB Impact sound insulation box​

  • Excellent impact sound insulation values, tested according to DIN 7396​
  • The requirements of superior acoustic comfort according to DIN 4109-5 are far exceeded ​
  • The highest requirements of the VDI or DEGA guidelines can be met​
  • Dimensionally stable box with heavy-duty, non-reinforced elastomeric bearings for point connection​
  • One size fits all landing heights ​
  • Variant for prefabricated elements without filler​
  • Variant for cast-in-place concrete - with filler and adapted nails for fastening to the formwork​
  • Type-test according to EC2 for more planning security. Additional corbel dimensioning can therefore be omitted​
  • HBB-Rebar-cage-VVH with optimised reinforcement arrangement and without additional on-site stirrups.​
  • HBB-SET can be ordered with HBB-Box and HBB-Rebar-cage-VVH

HTF Impact sound insulation elements

  • Excellent impact sound insulation values, tested according to DIN 7396​
  • The requirements of superior acoustic comfort according to DIN 4109-5 are far exceeded ​
  • The highest requirements of the VDI or DEGA guidelines can be met​
  • Heavy-duty profiled, non-reinforced elastomeric bearings​
  • Practical attachment to the stair by double-sided adhesive tapes ​
  • Adhesive tapes with protruding foil to allow its easy removal​
  • Robust PE foam that can be cut to size​
  • Three load capacity levels for reliable load transfer​
  • Three standard lengths ​
  • Special lengths and cut to size possible​
  • Concrete grey colored in order to match the prefabricated elements, eliminating the need of any additional finishing

HTPL Impact sound insulation plate

  • Easy mounting on the stair flight by mean of double-sided adhesive tapes​
  • Robust PE foam that can be cut to size​
  • Two heights, suitable for landings and for stairs​
  • Concrete grey colored in order to match the prefabricated elements, eliminating the need of any additional finishing


  • Reliable acoustic anchor between the stair flight and the supporting slab ​
  • Stainless steel dowel with acoustic sleeve to reduce impact sound transmission​
  • Installation sleeve available as installation aid

HBB impact sound insulation box

Available sizes: a unique box size for all landing slabs with a minimum thickness of 160mm​

​Available types:

for precast landings:

  • HBB-V
  • HBB-VV

for in-situ landings​

  • HBB-OV
  • HBB-OVVH ​

​Acoustic parameters tested in accordance with DIN 7396​

Weighted impact sound level difference ∆L*w, landing ≥ 26 dB​

Weighted impact sound level reduction ∆Lw, landing ≥ 35 dB​

Weighted impact sound level difference  ∆L*n,w ≥ 29 dB​

​Fire protection of the components up to R90 in accordance with certified fire protection properties and expert report


  • Rebar cage: reinforcing steel B500​
  • Type test: test report  S-WUE/220241​
  • Available sizes: one size for landings from 160mm thickness​
  • Available types: one type for all load directions​
  • Fire protection: Fire resistance rating:  R90 acc. EN 1992-1-2, table 5.8 

HTF-T Impact sound insulation element

Stair landing: in-situ cast or precast concrete element​

Stairs: precast element​

Available sizes: length 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and special lengths​

Console depth: 130 - 160mm​

Load range: T0, T1, T2​

Acoustic parameters tested in accordance with DIN 7396​


  • Weighted impact sound level difference ∆L*w, stairs ≥ 27 dB​
  • Weighted impact sound level reduction ∆Lw, stairs ≥ 29 dB​
  • Weighted impact sound level difference  ∆L*n,w ≥ 31 dB    ​


  • Weighted impact sound level difference ∆L*w, stairs ≥ 29 dB​
  • Weighted impact sound level reduction ∆Lw, stairs  ≥  31 dB​
  • Weighted impact sound level difference  ∆L*n,w ≥ 34 dB    


  • Weighted impact sound level difference ∆L*w, stairs ≥ 28 dB​
  • Weighted impact sound level reduction ∆Lw, stairs  ≥  28 dB​
  • Weighted impact sound level difference  ∆L*n,w ≥  33 dB ​

Fire protection of the components up to R90 in accordance with certified fire protection properties and expert report

HTF-B impact sound insulation element

  • Floor slab: in-situ cast or precast concete element​
  • Stairs: in-situ cast or precast concete element​
  • Available sizes: lengths 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and special lengths​
  • Width 600mm​

Acoustic parameters tested in accordance with DIN 7396​


  • Weighted impact sound level difference ∆L*w, stairs ≥ 27 dB​
  • Weighted impact sound level reduction ∆Lw, stairs ≥ 28 dB​
  • Weighted impact sound level difference  ∆L*n,w ≥ 31 dB    ​


  • Weighted impact sound level difference ∆L*w, stairs ≥ 28 dB​
  • Weighted impact sound level reduction ∆Lw, stairs  ≥  30 dB​
  • Weighted impact sound level difference  ∆L*n,w ≥ 33 dB   ​

Fire protection of the components up to R90 in accordance with certified fire protection properties and expert report

HTPL impact sound insulation plate​

  • Floor slab: in-situ cast or precast concete element​
  • Stairs: in-situ cast or precast concete element​
  • Available sizes: lengths  1000m​
  • Material: Foam  material class B2 according to DIN 4102     ​
  • Fire protection of the components up to R90 in accordance with certified fire protection properties and expert report

HTT impact sound insulation element​

  • Stair landings as in-situ concrete or semi-precast element​
  • Stair flight as in-situ concrete or precast element​

Sound insulation:​
Acoustically tested: Impact sound level difference ∆Lw = 12 dB acc. to investigation report 2027/7205-1-Re, IBMB Braunschweig​

Fire protection:​

  • Fire protection tested: F90/F120 or R90/R120 according to expert opinion GA-2017/128, IBB GmbH​

Type test:​

  • S-WUE 040519, LGA Würzburg.​


  • Galvanised steel sheet, mineral fibre insulation material, unreinforced elastomeric bearings with general building authority approval, B500NR reinforcing steel.​


In three load levels for stair widths from 90 to 200 cm and landing heights from 16 to 25cm.

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