Reliable connection of steel to concrete

The new HALFEN Insulated connection, type HIT-SMV for reliable connections

Langenfeld – (February 2020) The high thermal conductivity of the material between steel components and reinforced concrete slabs can easily become a critical weak spot in a façade. The new HALFEN HIT Insulated connections ensure reliable installation of steel balconies, canopies, shading systems and other façade elements. 

Date: 2020-02-26
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BASF Research Centre trusts HALFEN as a standardized support system

Ludwigshafen – (December 2019) – In March 2019, BASF opened a pioneering Research Centre for catalyst and process engineering at its Verbund Site at Ludwigshafen, Germany. To accommodate the project, the more than 60-year-old building was completely stripped and subsequently upgraded. The first of a total of 3 floors planned for the project is already fitted qith 12 research stations with related infrastructure and servoce utilities.

Date: 2019-12-02
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Reliable connection of trapezoidal steel sheeting to concrete

The new self-anchoring HALFEN HTU-S Channels.

Langenfeld – (June 2019) – HTU Cast-in channels in beams or columns are ideal for attaching profiled metal sheeting using self-drilling or self-tapping screws. The technically advanced channels have become the standard solution for construction specialists. Because of its innovative design the new HTU-S Channel no longer requires welded anchors and is therefore even more economical.

Date: 2019-06-17
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Fixing For Thin Large Sized Concrete Facade Elements

The FPA-SL30 system has been building authority approved since the end of 2018

Langenfeld – (May 2019) – Thin, large sized concrete façade elements are more and more in the focus of architects. Their modern look and minimal thickness offer entirely new possibilities for building design. At the same time the innovative panels are proportionally lighter. Instead of conventional steel reinforcement a high quality textile reinforcement material – as made by solidian – is used in this technical advanced product.

Date: 2019-05-13
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HALFEN ensures safety in elevator shafts

The new generation Halfen Lift-Box with additional load capacities of 2,000 kg and 4,000 kg

Langenfeld – (April 2019) – Lift assembly without scaffolding is becoming more and more important today. To make installation and maintenance easier for lift technicians Halfen provide a solution in the HLX Lift-Box. Cast in the concrete of the shaft ceiling as an attachment point it ensures safe, temporary attachment of hoist equipment, speed limiter or motor.

Date: 2019-04-23
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HALFEN HVG VERSOGRID Installation grid – The versatile fixing system

The new fixing system ensures maximum versatility without bolts

Munich – (January 2019) – Wherever there are large public venues, fixing systems are required for various service installation. With the new VERSOGRID Installation grid, Halfen provides a system for media and lighting installations that can be flexibly adjusted to the respective requirements, and quickly adapted. The system was first used in a major project for Koelnmesse.

Date: 2019-01-14
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Constant growth at HALFEN

Numerous product innovations and a digital marketing strategy strengthen Halfen`s market position

Munich – (January 2019) – This year Halfen celebrates its 90th anniversary. Founded in 1929, the company received the first approval for the Halfen Cast-in channel – now a classic among anchor channels – in 1976. At the beginning of this year Halfen is as usual in a good position to meet future challenges. An international manufacturer of fastening and fixing technology with its Head office in Langenfeld near Düsseldorf, Halfen ended the 2018 financial year with an increase in profits compared with the previous year.

Date: 2019-01-14
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New type of Punching Shear Reinforcement for foundations

The new Halfen HDB-Z Punching Shear Reinforcement allows an increase in load-bearing capacity

Munich – (January 2019) – The larger the building, the greater the point shear load acting on the reinforced concrete slabs are. To prevent shear punching of the concrete slabs caused by the columns, punching reinforcement, usually consisting of double-head bolts or stirrup reinforcement, is used in the critical load area around the columns. With the HDB-Z Punching shear reinforcement, Halfen has now also developed a specially optimized solution for use in foundations.

Date: 2019-01-14
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