HALFEN, your BIM partner

HALFEN is your partner for BIM (Building Information Modeling), the work method aimed at facilitating exchange and interoperability of digital information in building projects, and as such provides their (Tekla) components through 3 BIM libraries.

A BIM model is a single model (database) in which information from architects, structural engineers, installers, contractors and suppliers is processed. The information relates to shape (geometry) and behaviour (object properties). Working in a 3D environment makes it easy to generate sections or visualizations, for example in a complex junction floor, balcony, brickwork support, etc. Other benefits include reducing failure costs, better quality of the building and promoting cooperation and mutual understanding between all parties.

For anchoring façades (for example brickwork support) HALFEN uses the Open BIM philosophy: a universal cooperation, exchange and communication method based on the open file formats (IFC), a format that doesn`t require using specific software, because:  
  • IFC is the most used and most developed open standard for BIM models
  • HALFEN will not exclude other companies using other BIM applications
  • More and more clients will require BIM “as built” according to open standards
For anchoring concrete (for example HIT insulated connection) cooperation is usually 1 on 1 with the customer or the supporting engineering company; often communicated in Tekla, but also in IFC.